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general inquiry

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hi i am new here i just wondered if there is anything else i can claim for being a carer
i look after my brother 365 days a year 24/7 i get income support and the carer allowance which all in total is £80 every week.
i struggle to have any money to buy clothes and shoes.
i dont want to let my brother down by looking a mess when i go outside.
many thanks.
Morning Ash,

Claiming benefits is a minefield,so many rules and regulations.To make sure BOTH you and your brother are getting all you are entitled too will need a benefits check by the experts as each set of circumtances are different.

There are several places you can get this.

CarersLine 0808 808 7777

CarersLine is Carers UK's free advice line for carers. It is open on Wednesday and Thursday each week between 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm. Telephone 0808 808 7777

Also your local Welfare rights service or Citizens Advice Bureau can help.

This next link will hopefully show you a service local to yourself.

http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Fin ... anisations

Keep posting Ash and you will soon get to know us

Take care
The only think I can think of straight off is that Income Support should entitle you to housing benefit and/or council tax benefit from your local authority. Definitely worth pursuing, could be worth over a grand a year.
Hi Ash

You should also be entitled to Carers Premium aswell!
Hi Ash

The £80ish figure is about right in cash terms (it's not right really, but it sounds correct if you follow me). It's made up of Carers Allowance and Income Support including the Carers Premium.

Any Council Tax/Housing Benefit should be sorted at the same time.
just want to say many thanks for all your replys hopefully in time a little more money will become available and give us all a little bit of dignity
If you or your brother are on Income support then a Community Care Grant can be applied for for any household essentials you need and indeed replacing bedlinen, towels and clothing. It may also be possible to apply for a crisis loan to tide you over this difficult time, and this is interest free and paid back directly from your benefits at a low rate per week.

The cab will be able to help you further with any benefits you may be entitled to and most of the forms can ben downloaded from the internet.

Good luck
Take care