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who really cares?.

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the fellow found dead in his home was in his forties.
i feel that greeting folks each day enroute to work,as Rex Harrison observed in the film "Blithe Spirit"," oils the wheels".Yep,I buy that.

small shops pretty-well priced themselves out of business,supermarkets,all things under one roof,for time-poor carers,carees workers etc,is great.

new-point.in the 24 hour world of today,when some supermarkets open through the night,if lonely,or isolated,cant sleep,or all three,or,just need milk and bread,you can head to the store at say,2:am.
as it happens,on the one and only occasion i ever did shop at,as it happened,3:45am,a few years ago,on holiday,i saw a woman conducting a discussion with a packet of frozen spouts in the freezer.
she was holding the sprouts talking at them,she was,maybe 25ish,so not your usuall daft person,but,hay,you never know,turned out it was her bluetooth she was talking through.

another point.some small shops are managed by Basil Fawlty-type people,that its just too odd.
Hi Maxi, if more people used local shops then prices would drop, the 24 hour society, shop 24 hrs aday, drink 24 hrs aday, is the world really that crazy that it has forgot how to live without the 24 hr culture.
Do you never wonder why supermarkets do everything under one roof, they know the high street and community is dying, but your money counts to them, not you.
One of the good things about Greece, is the sense of community, no massive supermarkets, except in the citys, people will stop there car in the middle of the road to talk to someone, everyone drives around them. its normal, they check on their older people, hardware shops sell hardware, the post office is the post office, little kiosks sell cigarettes and newspapers, garages sell petrol and oil, not everything else. When the high streets are deserted and all that is left is one huge concrete plaza, and Mr Tesco and Mr Sainsburys bank accounts are full, how many people will wish they had made the time to keep the community, as the island people on here have said, communitys help the people in them, care for the people in them, and more importantly protect the people in them, that in my view is something worth fighting for.
today the basic human need is to be able to go to a place where you can buy all you need in one place,to park as near to the stuff your buying.we are as much to blame for small shops dying.not-so in ireland,holland,germany,france,where theres balance,whers small stores still have a place.
napoleon called the british,and britain,"a nation of shopkeepers".now,a nation of superstores built around our cars.
We live in a village on an island, and everyone is friendly. If gardening at the front of our bungalow, for example, I could have as many as five people stop for a few words (or many more!) as they walk past. People genuinely seem interested in what others are doing - of course there is a slight down side in that it would be virtually impossible to keep anything secret! As to 'crumblies', well we all get older and it doesn't mean we are no longer interesting as people, although we do tend to keep our stories to ourselves around young people who sometimes do not stop to think that they will one day be 'crumblies' themselves.
thel31 i too live on the isle of wight and have done since moving from birmingham nearly 17 years ago. you did make me chuckle when you said about it being virtually impossible to keep anything secret,i think that is island wide.
but i must say that the island sure is a friendly place and there is nowhere else i'd rather be. even going to portsmouth to do shopping fills me with the fear of stepping out of my island bubble.
where one lives,what the locals are like etc.very different views pertain,i think.