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My faith has been restored! - Carers UK Forum

My faith has been restored!

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On my usual Saturday morning trip to the Co-op today I was met with the usual one checkout open, two staff chatting between another checkout and another two staff hiding behind the newspaper rack whilst the queue got longer and longer.

Eventually another checkout was opened very grudgingly by a grumpy lady who mumbled "next" so quietly that nobody heard her......... ( I lip read it). Nobody else made a move and I was right beside her checkout, so started putting my shopping on the conveyor, having given the cashier the re-useable bags, hoping she would put a few things in them as she scanned them, but no......... she threw them to the end of the checkout and my scanned items on top of them.

The lady behind me said "Would you let me put your groceries on the conveyor and that will let you start packing?" Wow, I nearly snatched her hand off. "Yes please, you have made my day".

After I had finished my transaction I realised she only had a carton of milk, and in normal circumstances I would have insisted she was served ahead of me to give me time to get my stuff on the conveyor belt, in groups, for bag packing made easy at the other end. I did apologise and she was fine about it.

I have often helped others bag pack, or put stuff up for them if they are elderly or have a young child with them, but this is the FIRST TIME anyone has done the deed for me.

It restored my faith in human nature.

Have you done a good deed for a stranger today, or had a kindness bestowed on you?

Take care
Mum bought me some lovely roses today (does that count ?)

And I remembered to take the special trolley for wheelchair users back into the store today rather than leave it in one of the trolley bays !

Kindnesses shown to us are rarer than hen's teeth in this part of the world - but I do try to do one good deed a day if I can Image

I was walking through town to the chemist for Jill when I saw this little middle aged lady all bundled up in her coat, scarfes and boots. She was sitting on a stool with her identity tag around her neck. To my surprise she was selling "The Big Issue". I made it my business that on the way back I would be buying a copy off her. I asked her if she was cold to which she replied with a lovely smile. "Yes, I'm freezing". I gave her a couple of pounds, took my copy from her and thought, "There but for the grace of God........"

A week or two ago, a neighbour wrote a nasty letter and put it on my daughters car, my daughter had parked on the road outside her terraced house. She had nowhere else to park, and it is a public highway, so she is allowed.

I saw the lady this morning,fpr the first time, and marched over, without even clearing my head, and we had a disagreement there and then. I went into our house, thought about it, and said to my husband"I will write note apologising ,as I can see her point of view,it was just the only place left for my daughter to be able to park.She tries not to park outside anyone elses house.Anyway,before I had chance to write a letter, the neighbour knocked at the door to apologise,so it was mutual, but she was braver than me!She could see my point too, so that helped.(She also apologised for the note)
For me you just have to sign on to any of the forums each day for faith to be restored.I dont mean just the carer boards but many others too.
To see so many people offer a hand to others, when their own lives so stressful at times, makes you aware of just how much good there still is in this world.

How many of us on here will actually ever meet face to face and yet in our understanding of each other, we will remember some names we have met on here.

There are some that we meet in passing,
And forget them as soon as they go.
There are some that we remember with pleasure,
And feel honoured and privileged to know.