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problems with NHS

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Aaaaargh! NHS.My husband who is disabled with various health problems including being registered blind,has been referred to an NHS dental surgeon,as he probably needs surgery in is mouth.There is nowhere nearer than 60 miles away now,and this is in a private clinic, although paid for by NHS and half the Dentists in the practice appear to be also working for the NHS as specialists.Four weeks ago,my husband requested hospital transport,and was told to go ahead and accept the appointment.He still has not heard whether he can have transport there and back. He has no other way of getting there. I am also a Carer for our son and I cannot be in two places at once,much as the Government would like me to.I have emailed our MP and the Health Board,but cannot think what else to do.(have had no reply) The phone line to the person who is supposed to organise this transport is never answered,and the answerphone is always full. The appointment is two weeks this Wednesday.Any ideas, anyone?
The private clinic is apparently where all the local NHS patients needing extensive dental treatment are being referred now,as they have stopped doing the dental surgery locally.
Lazydaisy I can't think of anything else other than ringing the clinic direct, or have you tried that already ? Or perhaps ring the department that referred your OH and explain the problem.
Have just heard from my MP's office. They have been in touch with the transport organiser(who is a named person and has not been available all morning to me and my husband when we have tried phoning),and transport will be provided!
Why does it have to take such a lot of stress,and why do we have to use the time of our MP's to get a service which should be available?
What a silly way to run a health service!

So pleased your husband will get the specialist care he requires, and transport laid on.xx
Well good on you for going via your MP - but as you say - why the heck should you have to resort to this? I was going to suggest you called the referring department and tell them transport won't make contact with you so you'll have to use a taxi and who should you send the bill to.

But glad you've got it sorted - every damn little thing is a trial, is it not?
LazyD...either PALs department or if you are simply going from pillar to post go to the top and speak to the Chief Execs office. hope all goes well for your husband.

Bell x
Lazydaisy- It's so frustrating isn't it? I've always said , with the NHS, every thing has to be an issue Image Image

When Hubs was in hosp, I complained to PAL's twice. Everything from the attitude of the nurses, to basic stuff like washing and clean sheets. But it shouldn't have to be like this.

Glad your hubs got his transport in the end.
Love Phoebe x