Who do I ask for a Continence Review please?

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MIL been discharged home today, and within hours was on phone saying she was wet through and really distressed. Went down to see her and her tea time carer had just arrived. She said the pads she had been sent home with were totally inadequate and she needed an urgent continence review to get some more suitable ones. After she'd gone I realised I haven't a clue who to ask for this? Should it go through the OTs at hospital, her own GP or what? Any advice appreciated please.
I'd ring the hospital , the GP, and Social Services and complain about ubsafe discharge to all three and insist that someone does something immediately! Make it clear to MIL that it was her decision to come home against your wishes, you cannot come every time she wets herself.
Mum's GP Surgery should have a Continence Nurse attached to the practice, so I'd start there in the first instance as this needs to be addressed urgently.
I got my husband's through the district nurse.. Make sure they are large enough! After your first delivery, they left a phone number and I just leave a message on their answering machine and get them a coup!e of days later. Had a bit of a battle to get large enough ones as he is doubly incontinent. Keep at them.