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Who controls your life?

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Are you by any chance a person of the female persuasion, Parsival?
Because from a Scottish blokes point of view, all that stuff about meaningful leisure and voluntary work is just (an unprintable but colourful Scottish vernacular expression beginning with the letter 's' and rhyming with 'bright' )
Well, who built the ships, drove the buses, grew the corn, caught the fishies, and dug the coal so the laydees and those of a delicate tendency could "'do lunch' ? Yep: real Scottish blokes made in Scotland, fashioned frae girders and raised on Irn Bru. Noo gae boil yer heid! Oor menfolk want man-jobs!!!!
Except you're no more a "Scottish bloke" than I am, Scally.

Parsifal has a point: not everyone can work, and it's not for want of trying in many cases. I've come across carers who have not had the choice to remain in work (for many reasons), or have had unhelpful employers, or whose health has finally failed them.
or have had unhelpful employers, .
Even with supportive employers and colleagues, sometimes everything still comes to a head and a decision is needed to stop working. No 2 situations are the same.
[quote]Except you're no more a "Scottish bloke" than I am, Scally.

Parsifal has a point]

Of course she has an excellent point, but this kind of adversarial thread always seems to work better if we at least pretend to disagree. Anyway, I might not be a traditional Scottish Working Class Bloke (I'm a Yorkshireman and proud of it, but now Scottish for over 20 years by circumstance, marriage and choice) - but my son was born in Scotland, has always lived here in pit towns, and two of his four grandparents were solid Scottish working class, and its him I'm thinking of really: he has inherited that culture and breathed it in from his mates in mainstream comprehensive school. One of the advantages of inclusive education: I hope never to be a liability, time will tell.

I'm hoping he has inherited his grandparents on both sides "individual tenacity and courage" because to get a job and keep it as a young man with a significant learning disability: and in the face of much potential prejudice and ignorance by welfare and employment agencies, employers and co-workers, those qualities are what will be needed above all else.
Using cheap religious remarks to deviate from the topic in this way is to say the least unfair if not unkind. It is inflammatory and you know this full well. Unbecoming of you Scally. Not funny.

"most of which are self inflicted" ?????????? come on Scally i expect you to think wider than this rubbish you are posting. Ok, let me try to be clearer. Do you want me to check your qualifications on for instance Who gets sick Who gets disabled and The Reasons why they do? Do you want me to get some statistics on the cost of medical care for those injured by sports, mountain climbing, sailing and yes, skiing? Costs of armed forces personnel who get injured?

I am disappointed. This wont matter to you. But it matters to me.

Well said Audrey.
"well said Audrey" doesn't move the discussion on, maybe we need a thumbs up/thumbs down device? Actually if you follow the thread carefully, you will find that someone else used the religious analogy first. It was Parsival who came in with:
perhaps we can tell the paralysed to pick up their beds and walk in exchange for their benefits, after all walking is good for you Image .
I thought it was quite funny, and responded in a similar vein. But clearly some folk here don't understand rhetorical devices like irony or satire.

And whilst it might sound a bit unsympathetic, it isn't totally unreasonable to point to the fact that self-destructive behaviours are a key factor in some disabilities and health problems: there is little doubt for example that if we could help people to stop becoming grossly overweight they would live much healthier lives. As a taxpayer, it makes me cringe to see an obese parent with obese children filling up their supermarket trolley with unhealthy food at the checkout, knowing that I am expected to pay for the consequent long term costs to the NHS of their increased morbidity. And as a human being with feelings and social conscience, I hate to see the human costs to those children in terms of the long term damage to their self-esteem, inactivity, depression, socialisation, and quality of life. This is very different from sporting injuries and accidents. Sorry if you or anyone else finds that offensive, but it needs to be said.
I suspect Excalibur wants to mix things up a bit, football season over?
I think that, having had his political ambitions thwarted as a Green Party candidate, Scally is hoping to replace the current Tory incumbent of a certain South Yorkshire constituency when he is deselected by coming up with an even more outrageous solution to the reluctance of employers to employ people with disabilities Image .
The only incumbent of a South Yorkshire constituency who springs to mind is the Rt Hon David Blunkett Esq, he is still Labour I think, and if he could have kept his pants from falling down round his ankles at any opportunity might have made a fairly good Prime Minister. That said, he is a fairly good example of a disabled person from a disadvantaged and impeccably working class background who wasn't going to let the "inconvenience" of Blindness get in the way of a good career. It's time we started to ask why the Welfare State has failed disabled people: Blunkett succeeded despite the Welfare State, not because of it.
The reason why some employers won't employ disabled people is because ... well just go figure. I know the reason, you know the reason, but it is the reason nobody is allowed to put down in writing, and it probably has more to do with the image projected by (some) disabled people than with (some) employers. Not my problem: over the years I have appointed some excellent people into jobs who happened to have significant disabilities, and whining endlessly about institutional discrimination isnt going to sort it out, either. Might be better to ask Obama, Roosevelt, Blunkett or Thatcher how they overcame an unprecedented and potentially fatal electoral disadvantage and turned it into a positive strength?

PS: Please dont presume that you know my political ambitions: because the simple answer is that I don't have any. If I did I would join one of the major parties and cynically manipulate my way into selection for a safe seat, like Blair, Cameron or Mandelson. I just like to ensure that the electorate has a choice, because if the only people who ever stood for election were clear favourites or stood a decent chance, then there would only ever be one or two candidates. What kind of democracy would that be?
Neither will this current post of mine move Your discussion forward. Image Image

Quote Scally "this needed to be said". Hmmm, I expect Penny needed to say what she said too.

Now that IS a wee bit of irony, innit? Image Image

However, i am not laughing at the content of your post. I am too tired to bother with replying to it. Maybe another day.
Maybe another day. If you don't like the heat, and are insufficiently engaged to follow the discussion properly, perhaps there is another thread elsewhere that might be of more interest and cause you less offence? I recommend the "fluffy bunnies" thread, but I appear to have lost the link.
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