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Who cares when the carer needs care? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Who cares when the carer needs care?

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as you all know ive got swine flu as does the old doll i was informed that the social services would contact me by friday T time and the veteran agency by sat lunch time its now sunday =we are both knackered and still not even a phone call if they do call to see if i have managed they can go f*** themselves letter of complaint on its way now

How often do I have to say this? NOBODY takes care of us really. NOBODY cares how we feel. NOBODY understands how invisible we are to all and sundry.
And NOBODY considers how invaluable we are to society and how much it would cost if we could not or would not care when we are ill. I was ill on Friday, no-one looked after me, well that is not strictly true, one of our cats did, the other would have joined him but he saw her off. Like the rest of us here I expect, I had to get up every time I needed a drink or to take something and to check the OH, I ordered food in and then found that I was too ill to eat mine. I felt a lot better yesterday, overdid it and have spent large chunks of today back in bed Image . NO-ONE cares about carers except small furry creatures and they are not much good at fetching drinks and medication, sorting out a meal or keeping an eye on the people we care for but they are very good at making you feel that you matter to them.
Nobody cares at all.

I believe , if I had been better supported as a Carer, there is a 95% chance my son would still be alive.
I'm putting off an operation because there is nobody to look after my mum if I'm in hospital(let alone the rest you are supposed to have afterwards!!) I just hope it doesn't get any worse because they will just put her into care until I'm out again.Nobody cares about us,or understands how even everyday things create their own problems.
And if I hear one more NHS member say they can't help me because of "Health & Safety" I'll throw a hissy fit !!!! What about OUR Health & Safety !!!!!!! Image Image Image Image Image [/u]
Lazy daisy,
your post breaks my heart.
I understand and agree with you.
I'm just getting over a bout of Salmonella which really laid me flat for the best part of two weeks. My Mum has alzeimehers and we were desperate not to let her get near me so I stayed upstairs for four days, to make sure I did not contaminate the downstairs loo. Hubby (himself disabled to the point we are waiting for a wetroom and stairlift to be fitted had to take my place tryong tyo care for her. When quereid emergency respite it seemd they were relcutant to consider this in case Mu had become infected and took this into repsite with her which I can understand. I'm still not back to normal and very tired and weak. I could get some home care now but at £12+ per hour, and then as I am sure many of you have expereinced they wonp;t do have th jobs you need done because of health and safetly, or you find that you have a communication problem because the worker speaks english as a second language. I really dont know how I am going to cope as they are supposed to startt the work on the stairlift etc in the next couple of weeks.
I would certainly raise this as an officilal complaint though, you and your wife deserve better than this however hard worked the hospitla staff are.
Who cares when the carer needs care?

No one.
Yourself, if you're lucky.
Yourself, if you're lucky.
the dog,,
as its so cold and i thought it was a great idea to do a massive pile of ironing my carpal tunnel was pretty bad this morning, dropped the duster, she picked it up, when i mopped the floor she didnt walka cross it and she had kindly cleaned amys commode out as i forgot to put the lid on it, so yes the dog stinks (obviously bit bowl of dog food wasnt enough!)
went for a lovely walk with her, and when we got home she didnt put her wet body ont he sofa but got straight on her bed..

She has also listened to me swer till the air was blue that i couldnt lift the kettle to make a cuppa first thing (funny though ic an always manage to light a fag?!)