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Wetroom dimensions

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Our extension build for our grandson's downstairs bedroom and wetroom has finally begun.
I wonder if anyone can advise me on the size of the wetroom, as the foundations have now been dug for ours and the layout looks as if it will be very small (tiny!). I've added a picture.


How big is it on the plans? make sure the door opens outwards, not inwards.
Hi Bowlingbun

The dimensions on the plans are 310mms (4ft 11ins) by 5250mms (8ft 2ins). It definitely doesn't look anything like that.
looks like it's going to be an L shape with the 8'2" forming the long part of the L and the 4'11" forming the shorter width ? I'm presuming that the wet room is going to include just a toilet and a walk in shower - in which case it is probably just big enough.

However I seem to remember that your grandson needs a wheelchair (sorry if I've got that wrong) in which case there needs to be enough room for him to be able to turn the chair when he's in the wet room. My bathroom is small (6' x 9') containing bath, toilet and wash hand basin and would allow for a small wheelchair if necessary - if I had a walk-in shower instead of the bath there would be plenty of room.

Did you have an architect draw up the plans ? If so I'd suggest talking with them again before the build goes any further.
I agree, it only looks big enough for a wet room floor, but no room for somewhere to dry off, never mind a toilet, sink, room for the wheelchair or the attendant. Have a look at the Disabled Living website which has floor plans for such a build. Don't spend thousands on something useless.
My brother used to be put on a shower chair with wheels that could get wet - from social services. We had a shower curtain instead of a door.
Thanks, everyone. The O.T. apparently gave dimensions for wheelchair turning space, hoist tracking, etc., but it doesn't look big enough for wheelchair use and I would worry that it would be difficult for carers, too.
I think I will have to take this up with the O.T.
Good plan. Speak to OT. Meanwhile, just mentioning that foundations ALWAYS seem tiny...ever looked at a building site housing and wondered how they can possibly make living space? Yet they must manage it, the properties get sold ok.
Wot I mean is, I HOPE you are worrying unnecessarily. But good luck, wotever!
I feel more reassured today; the framework has gone up and it looks much bigger.