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OBAMA thingy?? am confused (nat health_ - Carers UK Forum

OBAMA thingy?? am confused (nat health_

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can sumone tell me what the (usa)national health things is all about? isnt that good thing? why r usa folk gettin upset/ Image Image
Those with health insurance do not want to pay through taxation for a universal health service to ensure that those without health insurance, who are currently excluded from most health care, have access to health care, it is just the greed which increasingly defines the West Image .
ALL life circumstances are individual responsibility - no matter what happends in your life it is down to yourself...

Speaks the same language and built by lots of Western immigrants but their culture is different to the UK and EU for a long, long time.

Many non EU or UK residents think there are good welfare systems exist - that is true, but I feel there is "a trap" if people accept welfare support in the UK. It seems all or nothing due to the complicated rules. And there are always some unfairness go on.

In USA, people have to work for benefit but still they are living in absolute poverty with no security and status of human being....

Both society have huge problems which is very hard to manage. I personally wish to live in a balanced life - if possible Image
The essential problem in the U.S. is that the health insurance and health industry is a big, powerful business. They stand to lose if what Obama wants to do comes to pass. He wants to decrease the cost of health care for everyone, meaning less profits for the health business. He wants to implement affordable health care for everyone and also force insurance companies to accept anyone; regardless of their health status. Fundamentally, he does not trust insurance companies so he wants the government to establish its own health insurance which Americans would be able to buy versus going to the private sector. Of course, the private insurers do not like that one bit.

The Republicans always side with big business - so they have drummed up a propaganda campaign against Obama's ideas. Most American's can't see past their own nose and don't even realize the goverment is already providing health care through Medicare and Medicaid. (One is for anyone 65+ or disabled people and the other for poverty-level people). The average ignoramous is easily mislead and the Republicans are doing a good job of portraying Obama's ideas as "socialist" and anti-American. And then you have those that despite the worst recession in anyone's lifetime, with millions of people losing their jobs and their health insurance with it, they do not care. All they care about is perhaps it costing them $1 more to provide health insurance for them too. They don't understand that without cost controls they are actually paying more and more for health insurance themselves anyway, even when it is provided by their employer as a job benefit.

I would just like to know how much those Conservative MEPs have been paid for going on U.S. TV to trash the NHS. I cannot tell you what I would like to do to them.
Looks like the Conservatives want to dismantle the health service over here, just seen it on the news this morning. Conservatives same as ever, look after themselves and the rest can just die. I'm with you stacey "I cannot tell you what I would like to do to them"