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Where do some Carers come from....... - Carers UK Forum

Where do some Carers come from.......

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Although many carers are family members,we say time and time again that it could affect any one at any time.Many have gave careers up to take on a caring role,many will have to make that choice in the future.So.....an example of where some carers come from.....

Carers do not come from outer space; they were not invented or manufactured. They could have attained any career and bring with them a wide range of skills and experience.

A Architect or Accountant
B Banker or Baker
C Councillor or Counsellor
D Doctor or Dentist
E Education Officer or Electrician
F Farmer or Fireman
G Geologist or General
H Hairdresser or Health Visitor
I Inventor or Intelligence Officer
J Judge or Joiner
K Kitchen Assistant or Knight
L Lawyer or Lecturer
M Model or Milliner
N Nurse or Nanny
O Optician or Orator
P Policeman or Pharmacist
Q Quantity Surveyor or Quiz Master
R Radiographer or Racing Driver
S Social Worker or Student
T Teacher or Theologist
U Undertaker or Umpire
V Vicar or Veterinarian
W Writer or Window Dresser
X Xylophonist or Xenophobic
Y Yachtsman or Yeoman
Z Zoo Keeper or Zoologist

How many of the trades above are totally unaware of what they could face.How their finances could be affected overnight.
Awareness is vital,not just for those of us coping now but also for generations to come.

Caring can affect anyone at any time and we need push this forward as much as possible.So many members here and other forums have stated....

I dont want my kids to care for me
I dont want to be a burden to my family
I dont want to go in a home

Unless we work together now to try make a better life for ourselves and future carers,what future is there for us.....................

Love to all
x x x x
Great thread Rosemary - thank you.

Paula xx
Thank you Rosemary, you always demonstrate your thoughtfulness, kindness and ability to empower Carers, it just goes to show you that Carers come from all walks of life, and that it could happen to anyone. You are always learning new things as a Carer, but it also puts your own skills to the test too. The things that unite every Carer are compassion, hope & courage.

I like thread A Carer is...... too, that's what inspired me to join in the forum, as I was impressed Image thank you for sharing! Image

Lola xxx
Dear rosemary,

My brother Rod is a Chartered Surveyor and there is a help group called Lionheart who are affiliated to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. They only help Chartered Surveyors. http://www.lionheart.org.uk/ Any Chartered Surveyors out there that have fallen on hard times etc. Families of Surveyors can also get help.

Kind regards,

Stephen (Johnson).
Thx for that information Stephen.
Hope you are all well.

x x x
Believe it or not, my best friend Suleman is an expert Xylophonist, so I had to laugh! Image Here's the very man himself: http://www.paperclip.org.uk/Ghana/pictu ... CF0012.JPG. We visited Ghana in 2005 together and travelled all over. He has various names but is quite happy to be called "the Chief"

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