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The value of local support groups to Carers? - Carers UK Forum

The value of local support groups to Carers?

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
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Dear Forum,
I am a very new entrant to this website. I'm still finding my way around and would be glad if someone would send me a message if only to prove there is someone out there who is interested in the above topic.
As a Carer feeling isolated at home looking after a mother with Parkinson's Disease, I found the change in life-style from being a hectically busy teacher, to house-bound Carer as quite traumatic. Keeping in touch with social networks became a problem, and I found my circle of friends diminishing.
Consequently, I found the local Carers UK support group of great value, in that I could get out of the house, at regular intervals and enjoy events and meet other Carers.
When my mother died, I decided to become in volunteer and work on the committee of my local Branch.
I would like to hear from people on the Forum, who decided, like me, to invest their time and energies, in trying to provide a valued service to Carers, that is to say, by joining the committee of their local Carers UK Branch.
One of the things that has saddened me is the apathy and seeming indifference, from people, who profess a committment to Carers issues in my local area, who aren't even interested in coming along to one of our members' meetings, let alone offer some help, however small, to the committee.
Looking forward to hearing any responses - sorry I can't figure out how to include one of those cute little emoticons - but I think it might be right column, forth down.
Best wishes,
Irene in Belfast ( same place as Maryann)
Hi Irene,

This is just a quick welcome as I need to go out ( 10 minutes ago Image ).
We have several members like yourself who are part of their own local groups and I am sure in time they will reply to you.
I will post more later when I get back.

As for the smilies,whenever you want to use one,just run your cursor over them.A little box will appear letting you know the meaning of each one, if you dont already know.Once you have chosen which one you want,just click ( left )on it and it will automatically appear in your posting. Image

Look forward to reading more from you and hearing about your experiences.
Take care
Hello Rosemary,
Thank you for your words of welcome. It's nice to know, there might be some support out there. Sometimes it's difficult to understand why it's so difficult to attract more volunteers to help on voluntary committees. Image
Best wishes,
Irene in Belfast
Hi Irene,

Welcome to the forum.

I to lost touch with all my friends when i became a carer for my husband. I think they got sick of hearing 'i cant because...' everytime they asked me to go anywhere with them.

Sadly my hubby died in January so i'm a carer no more but i still like to read these message boards and contribute on my 'good days'. I dont go out often, mainly cos i dont want to face anyone still. I'm sure in time it will get easier.

Take care
Lynne x
Welcome to the forum Irene Image

I can sympathise with this topic, I gave up a job as an office manager 5 years ago when Mum needed full time care, I'd managed for the previous 15 years juggling both but in the end it was either Mum or the job so the job went Image

It is hard when you lose touch with people and I'm sure your care group is invaluable to it's members, we don't have anything in our area like this and to be honest if we did I wouldn't be able to attend purely because I have no outside help with Mum and she needs 24 hour care now - along with a couple of non-carer forums this online community is my link to the outside world, thank god for the internet!

Take care

Paula xx
Hi Lynne,
Thanks for your response. I hope you will gradually find the strength to carry on with your life, after your recent sad bereavement. It's comforting to know, that when we feel inclined to take an interest in getting out and about, meeting new people, taking on new challenges and interests, there might be a group of people that one could contact for support. That's why I feel that the local Branches have a role to play and I'm grateful to the dedicated people that chose to spend time and effort in organizing events for Carers, and former Carers.
Best wishes,
Irene Image
Hi Lynne.
You are always welcome on this site.
Whether you think you are no longer a carer you still are in mind so please keep posting when you can.
You gave advice to people even when you had more on your mind than most of us did at the time.
I still say that I am not a carer I just assist my lovely wife when needed as Pat would do for me if I was in her position.
We all feel lonely at times we can come on here and really feel we have company.
Hi Paula,
It is very sad to hear you write that you can't get sufficient time off from full-time care to enjoy some 'me' time. I hope you will investigate all the possibilities in your area that might provide you with some regular time slots that you can call your own. Challenge your GP, mother's social Worker etc. for ideas about sources of respite help. I found that I had also to use my own initiative to find voluntary groups that offered support - its a sad fact but you just can't wait around for help to fall into your lap.
Here in Belfast I found an organisation that had a 'put to bed' scheme, which allowed me to attend an evening course down at the Uni. I was also grateful that personal friends, given enough notice, would look after my mum for a few hours, so that I could attend meetings of the local Carers UK Branch in Belfast.
Kind regards,
Irene Image
Hello John RJ,
Thanks for the welcome to the Forum. Whilst it's nice to sit down in front of a computer and get support, via the printed word from people who show empathy and understanding, it is rewarding too, to be able to get out of the house for a few hours to have one's mind stimulated and uplifted by face to face conversation.
For that opportunity, I was grateful to folk who organised a local Carers Uk support group.
Regards, Image
Sorry for not replying, Irene.

Before I started working for my carers centre I used to get involved at meetings and groups. I didn't get involved at trustee level simply because the job came up first and I thought: "I can do that." Gave it a go - and here I am!

The vast majority of our trustees are carers or former carers, and about half of the staff!
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