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When will dad need a financial assessment? - Carers UK Forum

When will dad need a financial assessment?

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Hi all,
This is my first post so please bear with me!
My dad (82) moved in with us, me hubby and two 15yo boys in Sept 16 after my brother sold the house dad lived in (brother bought family home in 1990’s following divorce of our parents). He paid for a side extension building as he has always been adamant that he he didn’t want to go into care. About six months in dads behaviour became increasingly odd, shutting himself away if we were around, refusing to get washed and changed to eventually rarely getting out of bed. Sept 17 dad got shingles and had a fall resulting in broken ankle and he ended up in hospital for a month as he also aspirated some vomit and contracted pneumonia. He has had two prior falls fracturing alternate hips and has had a TIA. Because he was medically stable but none weight bearing he was discharged into a residential home, the cast came off in December and even though OT’s brought him a Zimmer frame he will only use it to go to toilet for a number 2. Number 1’s are done in a bottle although he frequently spills it or leaks it on the bedclothes, his pants and vest. Memory Services have been involved as he still won’t leave his bed and at the end of January he was told he’s got vascular dementia. I have finally got an appointment arranged with his SW as he needs a care plan but apart from that I have no idea what I should be asking or doing. My dad is self funding as he has around £40k and I have third party authority for his account. My brother thinks dad should be in a rehab facility but I can’t honestly see my dad coming back to ours as it wouldn’t be safe when we are not home. Does dad need a FA or do I wait til his money drop to £23250? Any help or advice would be much appreciated and if you need further info please let me know!
Thanks in advance, Di
SW appointment - great. ASAP.

don't allow the hospital to discharge without an updated care plan. Say you won't have dad home without at least that.

Think about what you might be prepared to do, if they want him to return home. You can simply refuse. The SS default option is care in the home. Remember, your father will deteriorate.

I'd suggest doing an FA at this stage. We have, though my father is self funding. It means they already know the situation and it should be easier to arrange a review when savings fall to 23.5k.

Do you have LPA? If your father paid for the separate extension, he will be a beneficiary in your house i.e. part of the value of the house may belong to him. If so, that will be included in the FA. I suggest you get legal advice from a solicitor about that.
Many thanks for that, Hamsterwheel. I did seek solicitors advice back in October about this and dads money as my brother was wanting between £5-£10k to take his wife and our dad on holiday. Solicitor said it would be unlikely a claim could be made as my dad had been made homeless and would have needed to pay rent etc elsewhere. No change was made to deeds re ownership. Dad was discharged from hospital to the care home for respite care but I’m not aware of any official care plan other than follow up appointments to outpatients.
Thanks again
Is dad in a care home, a nursing home, or an EMI home? (Elderly Mentally Infirm). Google NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment. One should have been done already, involving you, but hospitals accidentally on purpose "forget" to get their beds back asap!
Thank you Bowlingbun,
Dad is in a care home. I remember the hospital social worker telling us we needed to find him somewhere for his respite care as he was medically stable but non weight bearing. It wasn’t anything formal, she just gave us a LA brochure and told us to ring round and visit places for him. She then said we’d need a community SW when his cast came off. In answer to Hamsterwheel, neither me or my brothers have LPA. I’ve briefly looked at NHS continuing health care with the A, B and C scores (if that’s the one). Is this what we need to ask for, or are we too late? Thanks again, Di
Yes, read upas nuch as you can about the CHC Framework. If he qualifies, all his care will be totally free! However, it is something of a postcode lottery.
Hi, I don't know if this will be of any help, but my mum is self funding in a care home and her money will reach the 'magic' £23,250 threshold sometime this summer. I have been stressing about when exactly to approach the LA for a FA, so last week I phoned Adult Social Care. The guy I spoke to conferred with a colleague and said to start proceedings when her money was down to £30,000. So, on the basis of her monthly fees being £2,500, it's probably going to take ten weeks or more to sort out? Going by their estimate anyway! Good luck with sorting things for your dad. It's absolutely horrible isn't it? x
Thanks Bowlingbun and Jillian for your replies.
Not sure what to expect from the SW appointment. If she asks dad if he wants to come home, I’m guessing he’ll say yes although he needs lots of support and doesn’t understand the risks of being alone.
Good luck Jillian, it’s not a nice position to be in, thoughts are with you x
Regards Di
Anyone would say they want to go "home" even if home to them is somewhere long gone with people long gone. It's NOT a fair question. It's important to focus on what someone needs, not what they want.
Very true Bowlingbun thank you.
Regards, Di