Having just been to the dentist for an extraction in sheer pain but anyway cannot sleep due to chronic sleep apneao and off course the chronic ,migraines but what more can i say pain pain more pain more pills.

Don not smoke or drink thank god no money anyway.

Well having listned to the tv new today about the amount of oil revenue windfall tax gordon brown will recieve from us hard pressed tax payers.

Will this money or part of this money g towards propping up the Irac war cost and also the expenses of all the house of lords and commons mps or my case msps.

Now the so called new deal would be £40 000 bonus payments on top of current salary of £78000 per year.

Are Carers going to get any extra of this pot of money or is this going to be sifted away by other means at their disposal or infinite black holes of government namely the NHS.

Yes there very good people who work in the NHS but when are the NHS REALLY GOING TO PUT
treatment first and get rid of the pesky managers bringing back the HATTIE JACQUES type matron to the NHS TODAY.

What would the cost be to increase all carers allowances non means tested to at least £100 per week.

Matt and Gavin have told me this is what Carers uk have been fighting for for a no of years now.

Why can we not have a Carers tax credit for those of us who are Carers but cannot for one reason or another claim Claim Carers Allowance.

The never seems to be anything concrete or repeat topics and campaigning which is very long in the tooth.

There seems to be nothing achieved financially and there is no legislative rule which says that the government must do this or that or address these very insignificant reviews and strategies.

My attitude now is that i really don give a dam about the government and its own selfish personnal agendas now it will do everything possible to claim everything i can and very sadly screw the system just as it screws me and all the other Carers who are also chronically ill like me.

This will also include treating all the dwp and the ministers with the contempt alo forgot local social workers and care managers or ots.

Just sodden fed up with fighting the campaign trail or having to verbally explain what Carers do to complete strangers and people in meet in my own life.

Having to live of some form of credit just to get awy with essentials of todays daily living expences.

Not having to produce any chitties or receipts for mps expences for anything under £250 is just ludicrous when the DWP send you six letters even if you owed then £6 or seven quid or even 75 pence yes and even sent a letter to widow saying that her late husband owes or has to pay back a weeks pension .

When i hear or see stories like that see the pain in my mums eyes and yet this government fights me mum and all other Carers i could if anne maguire or ivan lewis were in front of me
physicallay throttle or strangle them for not giving 2 sheits about me or mum or other Carers who are in poverty and inhuman degredation.

Gordon Brown even with this bonus or even any new leader do nothing would Cmeron do anything for carers if they won the next election most likely not.


kenneth2dundeenow fife