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Return from respite

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I have had a wonderful first weekend off from caring. It did take me several hourse to get over the feeling that I shouldn't be leaving my caree in the care of his son and granddaughter. They did a good job in my absence, but I returned to find much deterioration in my caree's condition because he was so anxious without me. It will be more difficult to leave him another time if I think I will return to find he has deteriorated again.
That's a tricky one to get around but remember practice makes perfect and it was a learning curve for everyone not just you so next time it will be more familiar and less stressful for all involved.
thank you Henrietta for your helpful comments :)
I think the 'trick' is to start small; first just half a day, then a day, then a weekend etc - like Henrietta says next time should be easier.

But the most important thing is that you had a wonderful time away from your caring responsibilities for a short time and I hope you came back feeling refreshed.
Hi Anne,

And welcome to the Forum. Has your caree recovered now?

Coming back from respite is hard for both of you. I felt the same after my first experience. And the others are right - the next time will be easier for both of you. And the respite is not just for you but for your caree too. You will be able to continue caring much easier if you are able to get a break from time to time.
thank you Anne. Caree is having a very bad day today. I don't anticipate getting another weekend (or even an hour or two ) away until June when Caree's son can come again. My social worker did an assessment for respite care SIX weeks ago but nothing has happened since despite phone calls from me.