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When should you start thinking about POA? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

When should you start thinking about POA?

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not sure about my daughter. she has never had the mental capacity to handle anything really, i am just hoping the carers support group who organise her care will take it over. what with mum and what with our daughter, all too much at times. the day to day care takes up all the time, with just a tiny bit left for oneself.
Thank you for your replies - just goes to show how dizzy I am at the moment, as I forgot I even started the thread! Sorry... Image

I think you are right and I should begin POA.

My sister doesn't understand this, and might put up a fight, but I will discuss it with my carer assistant and mum's social worker first.

I am too nice, and I know it - whereas my sister would breeze in and take over everything, leaving my mum a bit shellshocked. Sorry but I can't do that to mum, I would do my best to try to help her understand things and be slower and more patient.

Considering mum originally wanted my sister - not me - to look after her 'in her old age', I think there's an element there of dependency and wanting someone to control, but I can't do it, I am not made that way. Looks like I am the bridge between her independence and my sister eventually taking over, but I'm the one doing all the hard groundwork, and maybe when my sis does take over it will all be plain sailing.

Yes I do have a gripe about that as I am treading in mum's shoes right now, and I have a feeling sister will call on me to cover for her in future, while not covering me in this interim period - simply because I have no life at present, and no need to call on her.

I'll look into POA and do it, now.

How do I start? What do I need to do?
I went to see our family solicitor. It cost between £100-£150 to set up my Enduring POA, very simple and straightforward, but the rules have changed slightly in the last few years. I think you can now have a separate attorney handling your money affairs, and health related decisions, so this might have a bearing on the current cost.
Hi Nenuphar,

I have recently done this for my mum who also has very limited understanding.

You can do it yourself but I would advise going to a solicitor. We used one who was specialised in "elderly matters" and was very understanding. He did a home visit as it was difficult to get mum to him. All she really said was I understand when asked and signed the forms in the appropriate places. Now for the bad news - there is a torrent of paperwork (mum had to sign about 20 times), it cost a staggering £600 and took 3 months to go through. However, because of the backlog in approvals, he provided us with a temporary Power of Attorney which could be used.

In short, it was simple, mum just had to say she understood and sign but the cost is another matter ...

Well worth it though in my opinion.

Good luck, Anne x
Hi guys, we were told you could get legal aid to set up POA.
Has anyone done it that way?
Marie x
Haven`t heart about that legal aid for poa Marie, we used the DIY method with help from the lovely staff in Falkirk. Just had to pay for the GP evidence which was half the cost it would have been if a legal professional had asked for it, and the registration fees. All back within three weeks. Don`t know if Wales and England have similar DIY plans or not.xx
We all have POAs, we just use a standard template which is free, and then if needed, you can pay a small fee to register and activate it. A lot cheaper than all the alternatives, best done right away.
Hi, Nenuphar, and everyone, I am not an expert by any means, but would like to add the small amount that I do know, it may shed a bit of light. When you do POA, I would first advise using a specific soliciter for the elderly as they are particualry well versed in the sort of legal quagmire that has been highlighted here. Secondly, when they do the POA, (I have taken one out for hubby) before it goes to court, they send papers to sign to an independent 3rd party who knows you. This is to basically say that you are genuine.
Thirdly-Pamr1- I work in a bank and I am pretty certain that you are not doing anything wrong with the bank account. Your Mum must have signed something to say the pension was to go into the account in your name, and legally, as the account is in your name, you can operate and access it with no problems. Add to that as I'm sure you said that you have appointeeship, you should be fine.
Hope this helps,
Phoebe x
Also worth considering what becomes of your caree should anything happen to you and decisions have to be made. We had an addendum added to hubby`s POA that my friend Ruth was aware of his wishes and would take over should I be unable to do so.xx