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Me and my hubby wanna go on holiday to America next easter. Hopefully Hollywood or New York.
He is a permenent wheelchair user and i am worried about how he would travel on the plane. When he was younger, he would had to sit on a areoplane seat - his mum would have to carry him on. That was bad enough when you're was 10, but he's 23 so no way is that happening.
So does anyone have any info on any airline where he could sit in his wheelchair. He uses an electric wheelchair. He also has a manual for back-up.
Any advice please.
I would check the relevant airlines and see what provision they make for wheelchair users, I'd also check any additional information they might require as well, for example your husband's fitness to fly, etc.
Took STAN to florida 4 times with wheelchair all from NEWCASTLE airport no problems at all they like you to use airport wheelchair and get your own loaded we always sat just behind the extra legroom seats as disabled not allowed at emergency exit doors ( we paid extra so the old doll or AMY had the extra leg room) in these seats you are near toilet and main exits .cabin crew are not supposed to help you get to toilet but many of them do.

you must use airline seat.

they will take you to aircraft in vehicle that raises up to the aircraft door level they wheel you in and help you to your seat we normally boarded first but when you get off you are last off but in the U.S.A. as you have to Q for your entry into states and they are long Q`S as a disabled traveler in wheelchair they have fast track entry at all U.S.A. airports they will have someone meet you with wheel chair and take your husband to the immigration / customs one thing that may happen and it did in both MIAMI & SANDFORD you may have to leave your husband as the staff may use service lifts with wheelchair and for health and safety general public not allowed .

dont forget if you are using hire car take your blue badge as you will need it for disabled access parking dont be shy wherever you go tell them you have disabled person with you they will do anything to help you you also get discounts as a senior citizen or veteran one thing i dont like but you have to put up with it many places in states they use that word handicaped but its only a word .

just noticed electric wheel chair you cant take wet batteries on aircraft must be dry cell iam not sure but i think you can only take one wheelchair free of charge you can even take electric scooters free of charge we took STANS to CORFU bit of a disaster as roads in Corfu no use for scooter did not spoil holiday.

more useless information ive taken off 343 times but only landed 64 times Image Image

for ROSEMARY once on A19 when SUNDERLAND was open before NISSAN moved in
"are you all right son whats happened to your plane "
We fly most years we are going again this year.
My wife as to use a wheelchair because of amputation.
We get help at the airport this as to be booked prior to traveling we get fast tracked through customs and also if you have any metal ie like my wife with false leg or some people have leg or back supports have a letter from your Doctor or Hospital we always carry letters ie for the leg and also for my wife's insulin because of syringes we need to take them on board with out a letter no way will they let you on the aircraft with syringes.
Have letters for any medication they will sometimes check that.
And make sure your medical insurance covers Pre Existing medical conditions if they don't you will find your insurance is invalid Please check that thoroughly as it can cost you a fortune if you are not covered properly.
We always sit in the Bulk head seat's because my wife's false leg as to stick out into the gangway and that is not allowed so we have to pre book these seats in advance.
Best of luck with your booking's.
My father and step mother use to fly alot up to see me when i lived in Scotland and always came theough to the luggage reclaim in wheelcharis and never had a problem as they always booked in advance and found that most of the airlines will accomodate wheelchair users as long as you tell them. As for letters take letters for everything even what you had for breakfast (just kidding) but just everything then you can't get caught out Take Care and have a great time Alison Image