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New Potatoes

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What is it with new potatoes these days?
I've always been taught that the smaller they are, the sweeter and nicer they taste, just like brussels after the frosts.
Well, all the new potatoes I've purchased lately seem to take ages to cook and are still like bullets inside. I sprinkled a few choice small ones into a sausage casserole and still after nearly an hour and 1/2, they were hard on the inside. I scooped them all out. Perhaps I should have boiled them on the top first, before putting them into the casserole, but I just didn't believe that they'd need to be cooked for such a long time.
Has anyone else had this problem? It's not good for you to eat potatoes which are still hard in the middles and certainly upsets hubby's tummy if he tries.
Hmmmmmm, I have the opposite problem Fran, witin minutes I have a pan of mush.
We used to have an expert or two on this forum; people who really cared about spuds, but where are they now when we need them most?
I find the best ones for cooking quickly without falling apart are Vivaldi or any of the ones listed as 'salad' potatoes.

Edwards or Reds are best for roasting, chipping or mashing.
Can't find any King Edwards round here, they are mostly Estima. I usually try and get red potatoes, because they do fare better whilst cooking.
But these little ones are a complete mystery at the moment.
I would love to find some Pink Fir Apples too, somewhere, they are delicious. Will have a go at growing some next year, I need to dig a whole load of muck into the veggie patch soon, when everything's finished.
Going by local experience and comments on the uk.rec.gardening newsgroup, the principal problem with various varieties of potatoes grown this year is that the outside disintegrates to mush when the middle is barely cooked. Assuming that you have already tried not peeling them, the only suggestion to get round this is to steam them instead of boiling, but even that doesn't completely work - you just lose less of the outside.

Fran, I have grown Pink Fir Apples in the past. The tops are longer and floppier than most varieties, so allow a bit more space and/or arrange something to prop up the tops a bit. Eaten soon after they mature they are great, but my caree (father) moaned incessantly that they tasted 'earthy' when they had been stored for a while. I found the flavour OK, but then this man who claims he is 'not fussy' can be a right pain the **** about food! there are some new varieties which are crosses with PFA, less knobbly and easier to clean or peel (if you must waste all that nutritional value just under the skin!).
I am finding the new potatoes cooking up OK but they don't taste really good as they used to.
My preferred mashing and roasting for flavour is Maris Piper but they really do boil to mush with hard bits unless they are done on a really low gas, no good when I'm in a rush.
Fran - try this way, I often do them like this and they cook beautifully.

Wash and dry potatoes. I don't peel them if they're "new". Lay on large piece of tin foil. Dot with butter and add a few big sprigs of mint and a weeny bit of salt if you like it. I usually add some black pepper too. Put another big piece of tin foil over and make a parcel so potatoes are completely enclosed. Put in oven at 200C and in my oven I'd leave them about an hour.

When you open the parcel, they should be nicely cooked and the smell of mint is delicious! Image
All the new potatoes seemed disappointing in flavour this year. I read somewhere that the reason Jersey Royals do not taste so good as in the past is that growers are no longer allowed to fertilise with seaweed - can this be true? something to do with EU rules apparently
Could well be.
Pembrokeshire new potatoes always have a great flavour,and locals try to buy the ones that are grown on farms next to the sea.(Angle or Little Haven potatoes, and you know they melt in your mouth).But the supermarkets have most of the contracts now,and the potatoes are taken away from Pembrokeshire to be sorted, and then returned several days later, which makes them past their best.I try to get to one of the very few greengrocers around, in the season.
We have had some lovely Maris Pipers from Morrisons over the last couple of weeks. I usually bake them or mash them.