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Care Agency involvement

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Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone who is a carer, also has input for their loved one from a care agency, and how you all work together (if in reality that's possible)?

As my Mother since 2012 is on the 4th care agency, all according to social workers having to abandon the care package coz of me. They couldn't cope with my involvement, even when my Mother wants me involved. I'd hoped common sense would prevail and 'carers' would have the decency to appreciate me as my Mother's only family interested in her care; they'd be happy of my involvement. But no, they do things their way. Whenever I have intervened, it's caused problems. Where the carers have reported me as the problem and things unravelled from there.

Yes my Mother - according to social services has mental capacity. Only according to the social workers involved. As they got a professional who carried out a mental capacity to deem my Mother having capacity for health + welfare, but not finances. Where they manipulate things at every opportunity.
Care agency that a night mare. I had care support put in place via social works due me being very ill. At the end of the day I found my health getting worse as everyday I seen increasing sign of abuse on the person being care for. At the end I told them to get away from the person I care for and they brought in the police but that backed fired and the police launched enquires which are on going into the care agency for abuse.

I know I you get a good agency and care manager things can be great as I know someone who has had a better outcome.

It important to make it clear to care agency what you expect, what is acceptable and what will happen if they put your loved one more at risk. and in doing so they know were they stand and then you will find you might get what you expect from the agency.