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What would make a difference to you - Carers UK Forum

What would make a difference to you

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After all the confusion the last 2 days I have been wondering about you all here.

Each set of circumstances are different,each carer/carees needs for the future will be different too.So I want everyone to use this thread and let us see for ourselves just what you think would make a difference to your own caring role.
There is no need to put any personal detail,just more if changes to CA would benefit you
( goes without saying ),what changes to CA you would make, or if home care services more appropiate for you,more attendance at day centres,more respite,being able to work etc etc etc.

So thinking of your own circumstances.....what would benefit you.

x x x
I would like to see Carers allowance changed completely - that all carers are entitled to a minimum wage income and that they can keep their housing benefit and council tax benefits. I also think that if you are a carer and want to work - they should make up for what you lose in your benefits if you are working - ie keep your housing benefit and council tax benefits and more help with the cost of childcare/carers whilst you work.

I would like to see more information being provided as I have had to fight for the information and support Ive recieved.

I would also like to see respite more available to someone like myself - being on my own with 3 children two who are disabled as far as I am aware I am not even entitled to respite care.
I've done the caring/working scenario and it nearly killed me - I couldn't even work part-time now, Mum's 87 in a couple of weeks - she's almost blind now and totally dependent on me, she couldn't cope with strangers looking after her (she didn't even like my sister sitting with her in hospital while I went home to pick her things up for discharge) - I certainly wouldn't want anyone caring for her so respite care or day centres are out of the question.

CA is the main issue, we need to be given a decent level of income - we've all heard the 'it isn't a replacement for work income' and I wouldn't expect the level of income I had as an office manager (although looking after Mum 24/7 is the hardest work I've ever done) but surely there should be some recognition for the amount of money we save the system by caring at home, that's not too much to ask is it?

Paula xx
thats why I said minimum wage equivalent
would be happy if carers allowance was doubled.

if carer has private pension it should be disregarded,

no council tax if you live with caree (i pay half now).

no prescription charges.

free dental & optical care ( not just tests)

minimum of 10 weeks respite care for your caree and the government to pay for carer to have break.

free bus rail travel for carer ( i get that now with retired works pass)

pay allowance to pensioners.

and as usual my old favourite no means tested benefits .

I want Carers Allowance non means tested!

That way there's no further problems with the overlapping benefit rule and that alone would make a major difference to a lot of Carers.

This would also stop the 'given with one hand and taken with the other or in the case of pensioners not given at all Image,' system that we have at present .

Everyone knows that is down-right wrong. Image

Of course a major increase would be good it's long over due but only if as others have stated we don't end up worse off financially!

marie x
dont have much knowledge re overlaping benefits to be honest but the old dolls state pension is only £34 per week as she has a war widows pension the overlap rule comes into play .

however as our local council disregard all war pensions thats service , disabled and widows her income for benefits is the £34 state pension so she gets housing benefit and pays no council tax but as i live with her i pay my half of council tax and dont get housing benefit.

Regarding the amount of CA the very least we should get is £143.65,
which is the £95.00 working limit and the Carers Allowance of £48.65.

Would that affect housing/counciltax benefit?

Plus a definate set amount of legally required Free Respite Care

Cheryl X
Cheryl said:
Regarding the amount of CA the very least we should get is £143.65,
which is the £95.00 working limit and the Carers Allowance of £48.65.
That's actually quite a fair suggestion!

It would only help if there was a decent earnings disregard though as otherwise I think council tax and housing would take it all from us again. Image

marie x
Abolish means testing.
Carers allowance paid at the same rate as DLA/attendance allowance to the main carer.
Direct payments paid to co-resident carers if the caree wishes.
Carers to be included in all lists of "Equality groups" (you know, ethnic, gay, etc etc. etc..)
Carers entitled to claim back costs of respite if they attend public consultation meetings.
Free public transport for carers.