stage 2 social service complaint

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After a great deal of thought I decided to continue my formal complaint about my sons treatment by my local Social Service department and lack of services.
I am now on stage 2 of the process and I feel so much better for make my feelings known and at least making someone answerable.
I implore anyone who is having problems to make a formal complaint. Councils make it seem quite scarey but I have found it very empowering to do something constructive rather than bite my tongue.
I have been visited by an independant investigator who was very professional, fair and helped me to formalise my complaint. It is now with the council for consideration.
Even if things dont change I have had my say and people are being forced to listen
Hi Daisy,
I am a great believer in the power of a formal complaint, especially where councils are concerned. I certainly hope for you and your son that you get the best possible result. There are too many people that keep quiet because, as you say, the formal complaints procedure seems so offputting.
Fingers crossed for an agreeable outcome.
CB x