What were your Mum's Favorite saying's or still are.

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My ma used to say to me....make sure your names on the rent book!! Image
On the subject of doing washing and housework on a Sunday...."The better the day, the better the deed" I say this myself now, but being a carer every day is washday and housework.
If I asked my Dad a question with a difficult answer (like, why the sea blue? or why are these sweets hard?) he'd always answewr, 'Ah, that's Duter' and left it at that. It took me long time to discover that 'Duter' was not some mysterious force but the sea is blue 'due to' the reflection of the sky, and my sweets were hard 'due to' their being made out of boiled sugar! Now Dad is gone, Mum and I still say, 'That's Duter' if we can't answer a question.
Another one of Mum's sayings is (when ever anyone has a coughing fit) - 'cough it up, it might be a gold watch' - it's never happened yet Image Image
My mam used to say 'better oot than in' when sombody had a problem with wind!
Sometimes we didn't agree...pew! Image Image
For every grey hair you pull out, three grow in it's place!

Sad, but true Image
Wow,wish I lived where you were Jean,up here its 10 grey hairs for every one you pull out... Image .Off to the shops now for my Nice and Easy bottle... Image

When I was a young un ( dont all laugh,I have been young ONCE.. Image )I made extra pocket money by pulling the grey hairs from my grandas head...an old penny for each one I found.I was never allowed to find more than 5 though.. Image
I don't remember my gran not being grey. She would have been bald and I would have been very rich Image
I know it's not what my mum said but one of our older relatives was given a Mobile phone it rang when she was in town when she answered it she said to the caller how did you know I was in the Town centre we all thought it was very funny.

That made me laugh ...My Granny would be like that, she thinks that keeping her phone turned on costs her money! I tell her how am I suppose to get in contact with you if you don't have it on!

Hows Pat doing this week? Tell her I'm thinking of her..

Take care
M x