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shes been unwell since her astma had a mega flare up and she was on steroids for a little while--

after spending the whole day asleep i decided to check her temp 39.3!!!!!!!! This was about 11ish, so i gave her calpol and checked it half an hour later 39.3 again! as i was getting amy, myself and cerys ready to get a taxi the house phone range, AUNTIE POLLY!!! she took us and waited
amy has either glandular fever or shes recovering still from last chest infection ON TOP of a new infection in her left lung so stronger different antibiotics
AND then today in my lack of sleep mode i thought me and cerys could have a bath- she would nod off and i could get mayb an hour asleep THEN AMY WOKE UP! and not only asked very nicely if she could have a bath but said she was hungry. So i cooked a lasange , a few mouth falls and she cant eat no more
hate it when shes ill, even worse when mummy needs just an hour nap !
Poor loves.........all of you!

Hope you will get a nap soon, and Amy will soon be on the road to recovery!

Take care
Hi Pixie, you poor things. I hope the antibiotics kick in quick and Amy's appetite and regular sleep patterns quickly follow.

Get well soon Amy, I hate to hear that you are poorly. Lots of love to you Rin, hope you manage a quick nap soon xxxxxx take care girls
Take care all of you. Hope things ease up for you.
I hope Amy gets well soon and you manage to get a little bit of kip.

Get well soon Amy, not nice wen our kids are sick..hope you manage some rest too xx
As my Scottish daughter-in-law says, "poor wee scones", I hope thing improve soon and that you can get some Z's in Image
I hope that Amy is soon feeling better.xxx
still no sleep! every one else has gone of to the land of nod, so i made the most of it and done the rest of the bedding so its out to dry in the kitchen and we all have fresh bedding on 2night

she seems better now calpol has kicked in , and she had chicken soup.
then cerys tried to jump off the sofa and fell over so its been all fun! lol

thank u every one for your get well messages!