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what to expect on my first driving lesson? - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

what to expect on my first driving lesson?

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Glad you enjoyed your first session Sian. Sounds like you did more on your first day than I did on mine Image
I have not a clue what we are doing next week but we shall see. what did you do on your first lesson bertiebear?
i wouldnt know if i did more than enyone else but i must try to drive on one side and not the middle Image Image i forgot to say she asked me to break and we nealry shot throught the window Image good job we had our seatbelts on Image there was quite a few leaner drivers but then was told it is the test route not sure wheather to be glad or not Image
Sian - whether you can access help with the costs or not it will be worth every penny Image

Once you've had a few lessons and are more confident perhaps you can get a neighbour, friend or relative to go out with you for practise and then you will only need a formal 'paid for' lesson occassionally until you are ready for your test.
i was checking mums insurance as she is with saga but they will not let me go on the policy as a leaner driver or even as a named driver because its for the over 50s si will have to wait until next may to see if we can find some other insurance for me to go on too but its nearly £600 pounds if not more and we have to pay all in one go Image so i am not sure and if anyone else let me learn on their car there insurance would go up to plus we havent got anyone else for me to learn on their car Image
does anyone know who i could right too like goverment wise to see if anyone can help Image as i said in another post it all hangs on my mums dla renewal as she has said she will try and help but with having to keep our going its not going to be easy Image
hi lady_c
i have just had a look and i cant find anything to do with driving on their site. i am now at a loss as who to ring or write to next. we save the government loads but they will not help. mum is becoming more house bound as she is too exhausted to drive and in pain. one day they might have to up her pain killers like to oromorph then she would not be able to drive at all so she has to stay in or if she is not upto driving essentials like food, bills have to be left until she is able to drive as i cant carry everything and i have problems myself. i am just at a loss who to ask now as social services do not want to know.
For short distances, nothing beats a bike for economy and fresh air.

Driving a car you own is very expensive. Most drivers do between 5,000 - 15,000 miles a year, and the average cost per mile (including tax, petrol, insurance, depreciation, interest, servicing, tyres etc) is between 30p and 50p . So, if you need to own and drive a car, best budget for say £4,000 per annum. If you only use a car sometimes, it often makes sense to hire one or use a cab.

So, then think about taxis, espoecially for short trips. You can get a lot of taxi rides for £4,000, (and you can duck and dive by using trains, planes and buses when needed) and whats more, you can control how much you spend each week. So, unless you really have to have that car, its probably a no brainer.

Long distance, a combination of planes and car hire are often cheaper than using your own vehicle. So, for example, say I want to get from Glasgow to Guernsey for a long weekend: if I'm flexible I can get flights there and back for around £100, average journey time around 4-5 hours. But if I drove my car and used the ferry, it would cost twice that and take a whole lot longer. Similarly, if I want to go shopping in Glasgow I can drive there in 30 minutes and pay high parking fees, or take the bus which takes 40 minutes.

I use cars, trains, buses, taxis and my trusty bike, and I often walk. I like to think that each journey is planned to maximise enjoyment and health and minimise cost, but I know I can improve.
Shame you arent closer SIANIE87 or I would gladly take you out for some lessons.

Good luck with it all though, once you get your licence your independance will increase alot and you will wonder how on earth you got by without one.
Doing without my car would be like cutting my leg off to me.
All true Scally, but even if you don't buy a car being able to drive is a great advantage. I don't use ours much, but boy does it save hanging around in hospitals waiting for a wheelchair access taxi Image
yes being able to drive would help me in my caring role as sometimes we have to go without essentails because mum is to unwell to drive and when my mum is taken to home and maybe admitted i would not have to walk home at 3am in the dark alone like i have done before i could follow the ambulance and at least be safer on my way home at night
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