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what to expect on my first driving lesson? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

what to expect on my first driving lesson?

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just remember you need lessons because you can't drive,when you can you won't need lessons,i bet you never panicked over learning to read and write,same thing really,nobody expects you to be good first time out,the instructor has dual controls and insurance so just go for it,i taught myself the basics in an ex girlfriends car,then had lessons to learn how to pass my test
hope you've had a great first driving lesson, it's a tiny bit scarey when you first learn but the sense of freedom you get is like no other.
well............. first driving was good. i did enjoy it but it was fun and we had a few giggles as i liked the middle of the road for a while and turning the car using the pull n tug. i did it at first and didnt think about it then she where did i learn that? i guess i knew somehow but when it came to doing it again i was doing it all wrong Image so she went in the boot and got a steering wheel cover with plastic in it to teach me then i got but i felt so silly using this thing Image Image Image . got the car near the kirb and she said it was prefect Image also i know what to do its just that i have to learn when and how. the car seemed quite wide so i was not near the kirb as i should have been be all in all very GOOD Image the only thing that will stop me is money Image i have a lesson next monday too Image
like Bertiebear, I only learnt out of necessity, but over the years I have been so thankful that I can drive.
I hope you continue to enjoy your lessons Sianie.
i am learning out of necessity because of mum to help but i think i will enjoy it but as i said the only thing that will stop me is money because i am paying for it myself somehow with mums help cutting back on everything nearly. i couldnt get any help to pay for then from social services Image
cant't you get funding as a carer ? x
I had just become a mother,and money was very short with us too, but it was something I knew I needed to do.I passed my test the same week as my baby's first birthday!
Well done Sian Image Image

I learned out of self defense! But I'm so glad I did Image
i have tried with social services and they say there is no funding for that sort of thing even though i have had a carers assesment which showed i need help for that but all i get is can i cope with looking after mum not do you need any help. i have asked about direct payments still waiting. to be honest i am giving up any hope of help. it all hangs on mums DLA renewal that was sent of today now i am dreading the post man.

Thank you all for your nice comments and support. it really does help. i just wish i had won some of that money that that couple won Image wouldn't be nice if they shared it Image

btw if anyone knows of anywhere i can try for help in helping to pay for my driving lessons that would good Image i dont want the goverenment to pay for it all but some help would be nice as that is the least they owe us carers and disabled right?
Not sure if this is right but i was looking on the internet. Can't find anything for carers only but found www.mobility.co.uk who deal with driving lessons for people with disabilities. They may be able to point in the right direction Image x
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