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What to do?

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You are the one responding. You need the trustees to provide you with a written copy of any formal complaint. Otherwise you wont know exactly what the complaint is exactly, and also a written report of their findings upon investigation. That's my opinion.
Yes, definitely.
Does dad have any home insurance?
Does it include "legal expenses insurance"? If so, ring the insurers asap as this sort of issue is probably covered. I've used my legal expenses insurance, once after my husband died and then when I had the Builder from Hell build me a new fireplace. Total legal costs for both around £15,000!
The warden has to provide you a full written compliant. That you can respond to.
It may be (hopefully) that when the woman is asked to put things in writing she realises that she can't just get her own way, and it shuts her up. Fingers crossed!
Faye, its awful that you are being put through this, plainly because some elderly lady has nothing to do but complain.

I loathe no fee lawyers, but in this case you don't need insurance, health care etc..Any lawyer would be willing to take your case free of charge on a no win - no fee basis.

Its time to put this awful Woman and the Warden in there place. I just hope when Dads neighbours time is up she gets the same indifference she has showed your Dad..
Thank you for your helpful and supportive responses. I’ve put in a letter stating our position- hopefully we’ll get a positive response. Fingers crossed.

Having a pretty horrific time at the moment. Dad is home and much happier which is good. How we the six weeks of reablement care has now finished and we’ve got to start renegotiating with the Council over his care plan- he’s doh led handed at the moment so I’m sure they won’t want it stay like that. We are also still having daily problems with the carers (not turning up and being hours late etc) and patient transport being so late the carers leave. We’ve also had an offer of £1k from the insurers of the patient transport service who broke my fathers hand and subsequently resulted in nearly six months in hospital. That wouldn’t even cover the transport costs of going to visit him each day. I’m sorry for complaining but do feel utterly fed up- almost like we are not human and people can do whatever they like to us and there are simply no consequences.

Hopefully things will pick up but I do feel very down. I’ve been to my GP who has prescribed medication but as things just keep going wrong it’s not really helping. I’m sorry for complaining - i know others have it much harder :I’ve a lot of respect for other carers I don’t know how you all cope!
You are not complaining! You have been through one of the most awful care situations and battles that I've heard of in 3 years on here. It's right and good that you voice your feelings and fears in here. Where else can you to go for support?
If anything I, personally, dont think you complain enough - to the right authorities I mean. Its difficult to stand up against authority but I do understand your exhaustion and stress. Dad has to be your priority
And you are right £1000 is an insult of compensation

Please keep posting, its good to let stuff out, you are not a moaner , you are courageous and loving and we understand how difficult things can be
£1000 is indeed an insult but that's just insurance companies' standard operating procedure!
Do not except the first offer. Get a solicitor the cost can be paid for on payout from the insurers.
These types of always have a starting point. They see how the land lies etc
I know individuals who have received far higher compensation for less issues.
Citizen Advice will not deal with compensation cases. Expectation of compensation levels are different for everyone.
Only you and your father know all details etc.
£1,000 for life changing injuries, meaning he needs 24/7 care now? Nursing care £1,000+ a week!

Tell them NO!