What should happen when an NHS agency refers you to social services

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I know someone who the Ambulance Service made a referral to social Services about.

Social Services never contacted the person.

How can that be explained?
You would expect that SS would contact you, preferably by letter or personal visit, wouldn't you?

But not in my case
Chase it up with a call to soc services dept. Also ask Ambulance service for a copy of the referral they made.

Hi Colin

Well that happened to my daughter awhile ago as she had a fall and paramedics referred her. SS did call about a week later and had a short chat with her. She stated that she could do with some help once or twice a week. They told her they would contact her about an assessment and that was that. Nothing was done. Every time we contact them we are always fobbed off with an array of different excuses. So sorry can't offer any advice as this appears to be the norm.