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LPOA advice please

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Hi all, I have POA for my mum and I recommend it positively when posting replies on this site as I really have found it a great help when it comes to looking after Mum's finances. However my POA is Enduring Power of Attorney, set up pre 2007 and therefore valid but only, I have recently realised, for finance. It's not registered because Mum has had excellent mental capacity and still is pretty good. However she is showing signs of dementia now I think. Do I need LPOA for Health? Can anyone tell me what help it has been to them and the possible disadvantages of not having it in place? If it is a definite 'must have', what's the best way of doing it? Does it have to be a solicitor?
An advantage to holding the health and welfare PoA is the ability to talk directly with the different professionals and have copies of letters etc as necessary...and make decisions on your caree's behalf.
For my dad's PoA he went through a solicitor. It takes a while to get set up and registered so ASAP is always advisable. After Dad's death I got these documents sorted out for myself too and updated my will. You never know what fate has in store no matter what age you may be.
I second Elaine's question. I have Enduring PoA too. It sounded to me as if getting the Lasting PoA was not worth the bother. Of course, it won't be till the future that I know.
Ours is registered. However, I consult my brother on financial matters, but there are circumstances in which I might have to override him, hence the registration. I do all the bookkeeping and day-to-day finances anyway.
Thanks both, So far I haven't had any problem with talking to Professionals, but I haven't had need to see any paperwork either so that might be a consideration. I'm an only child so no others to consider. I think my main worry is if Mum suddenly has to be placed into a Home if I am incapacitated through illness perhaps, or she becomes impossible for me to cope with any more, would we have a choice of Home or would she be placed just anywhere if I haven't got that POA? To be brutally honest I hope she just passes away in her sleep before it comes to that but knowing my Mum it will be all trauma and drama at the end. Oh dear.
Hi everyone,
I did both my financial And health and welfare POA for my dad, from downloaded forms from the Internet. Just make sure somebody that you trust and has a good eye for detail and looks them over for you. Check it all at least twice!
Still costs money of course to register but saves a great deal not going through a solicitor.

You don't really think about the health side of things, but now I feel I am able to challenge his health and wellbeing with the professionals.
Thanks Gaynor, I'll go searching.
Hi Elaine
I did both POAs myself and got them through first time with no corrections much to my amazement. It was so expensive to get them done professionally that I figured even with revisions I'd still be quids in. I printed them off twice, filled one in in pencil, double checked everything and then went for it!
I find it very helpful when talking to doctors, banks etc, to mention I have PoA especially as my mum hides her mail!
It definitely can't hurt to have both if you can afford it.