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Complaints aganst social services - Carers UK Forum

Complaints aganst social services

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Who would I contact as an independant advisor for help in dealing with a complaint against S/S please --- anyone????
My Dad went to Citizens advice, and then contacted his MP who was very helpful in getting answers. The SS should have a leaflet with their policy on how to make a complaint.

Take care
Contact your local carers support who will, hopefully, be able to help you with advocacy or finding a suitable advocacy service.
I hate to be the one to state the obvious here... but social services would be a good place to start. They should have a feedback and complaints procedure in place which they should be more than happy to talk you through.
I wouldn't bother asking Social Services. My experiences have not been positive ones with them, I began by trusting that they would give me the correct information. They DON'T.They give the infomration that is going to be most beneficial to them. I have learnt this the hard way.
Two of the three complaints I made were adult protection issues,and it wasn't until we reached stage 2 with both of them,that we became aware of some of their lies.(One lie by management was discovered because a hands on care worker told the truth, which then conflicted with everything else the management had written,and the truth backed up what I had been saying all along.)
Thank you, yes I have found the web site for my area and will be filing a complaint. i had a long meeting with care manager yesterday and they now know I am not happy or impressed and what I intend doing, poor support and information with conflicting advice, (then a failure to acknowldge they have been in the wrong) from social workers isn't good.
Hope you get justice, map
Just a general comment to add to the previous posters.

I beleive with most organisations, Social Services, Education etc you are required to go through their internal complaints procedure first to see if the problem can be rectified/addressed before you go to an independent source. It is difficult, especially if the relationship with them has broken down, but it is the best way to do it.
More often than not, if you try and lodge an independent complaint, they will tell you to go through the internal procedure first to ensure that there is a possibility to put things right.

I lodged a complaint within Social Services about a Social Worker, she was removed from our case (which was a laugh as she did s*d all-hence the complaint!), we were given a different SW and a written apology. I'm not absolutely convinced they replaced her because it was the right thing to do but more so because they wanted me off their back. Image

Best thing I can suggest is get it all in writing. I was able to make my complaint via email, which was very useful as I had copies of all the emails I had sent to the SW and her responses to me, or rather the lack of them.
I really would encourage anyone else to do the same, if you are dealing with a SW, get their email address, also that of their line manager, always include a cc to the boss in any correspondence. If you don't know who the line manager is just ask, this info has to be given to you.
It is much easier to keep a track of emails than of letters sent via snail mail which they can deny getting, same goes for phone calls where it is all too easy for the truth to be twisted.
Easy for the guilty party to say "Oh but I didn't say that.." It is also easier for you as you can keep any started correspondence in drafts and come back to finish it when you are ready, I had to do this as my caree hardly gave me a minutes peace!

Last bit of advice, before you make your complaint, decide what you want. Is it an apology, a new worker, new line manager, you will need to be clear what you want them to do to put things right for you.

It sounds daunting but it doesn't have to be. Lots of luck Image
I would have liked them not to make up stories and tell lies about us but got nowhere.

Its always a good idea to forward a copy of your complaint to your local MP. Also state that you will contact the Local Government Ombudsman if you are still unhappy.