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Wot? No Advertising? - Carers UK Forum

Wot? No Advertising?

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OK, here's my first topic.

Forgive me, I'm new. I've posted an intro and then browsed the general layout of the forums and THEN read the rules! Image
I would like to refer, your honour, to rule number 9. No advertising or commercial postings of any kind? I guess this already answers the question I was going to post - WHY is there no section for a For Sale, Wanted, Swap, Offered? Most forums seem to have them these days.

I ask because I have a couple of disability products that would be easier to sell/offer/give away on forums like these. I mean, they aren't the type of products that you would expect to find advertised in your local paper classifieds sections, probably because the wider audience of such a paper are able-bodied. Is there a reason for not having such a section on this forum?

Please don't bite my head off, it's only a genuine and honest query. Image
And no, I didn't join this forum "just" to advertise. I'll happily abide by the rules and continue to contribute (if you'll still have me) but I do think it's a shame this forum misses out on what I believe an important section that would surely help others.

*Steps down off rather dusty soapbox and dashes round the corner again*
Hang on to the soapbox, GaryO, and welcome!

The rule you mentioned is this one:
9. No advertising or commercial postings of any kind
Carer to carer recommendations of products is acceptable but any hint of commercially driven posting and the posts will be removed.
It's aimed at keeping out commercial stuff. Some fairly strange products inhabit the internet and of course there are always vulnerable people who will try anything for a "cure," for example. On more than one occasion we've had people come onto the forum with only the intent to sell. The rule is aimed at them.

When members have had something to offer in the way you've described, as it hasn't been a commercial activity, there hasn't been a problem. But it's best to clear it first with Matt or Lucy.
Gary, you could also try putting the items on Ebay, a very wide range of people use ebay.
Welcome Gary - thanks for the comment, suggestions always welcome. As Charles said - we don't have a problem with member-to-member stuff. I do think however that you'd have more success on E-Bay. Maybe the answer is for people to list their stuff elsewhere (Ebay, freecycle etc) but post links on here to the item. I'd say initially we wouldn't get enough to justify setting up a separate section for it - but that is a bit chicken and egg really.

But anyway you're welcome to list the item on the General discussion bit of the forum and see what happens!
we had a very expensive wheelchair that we had to buy as the social services said they could not provide what we wanted for at least 9 months ..when STAN passed away we gave the chair to the RED CROSS which was one of the many charities that he supported ...for obvious reasons ...
Thanks all for the replies. Image
Not all that keen on eBay but thanks for the suggestion. Besides, one item is a small electric mobility scooter, too big and heavy to wrap up and post! Image Yes, I know, it would have to be collection only. However, we have put this in the local paper for this Thursday so I'll see how that goes first.
The other items are a digital pillow-vibrating alarm clock and a wireless TV Listener for the deaf/HoH, I'm not sure how many deaf/HoH would be looking on eBay. Come to that, I'm not sure how many deaf/HoH members are on here either. LOL

Anyway, I'll get settled in first then maybe try advertising them as you suggest.
It was a good idea to try posting them here though, GaryO... although there may/may not be any deaf or HoH carer's here, we may look after people who are deaf/HoH.

Going by the "TV listener" that you refer to, I take it that it's actually a Loop system???
Hi Beck,
It's a Neckloop powered by a wireless transmitter. Rather than a loop around the room, you wear the loop around your neck. This gives you freedom to use it anywhere in the house or garden and can be used to watch TV's in other rooms in the house while the transmitter stays attached to one source, such as a Sky box. Of course, it's for hearing aids wearers with the T-Coil facility.

More info and pictures here - http://www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk/s ... -l350.aspx
as long as a disabled person has access to the internet, then they are likely to use e-bay Gary.My husband is disabled,and we have bought and sold lots of things on ebay, but he is the one who does the computer side of things.
E-bay is one place, maybe,to sell stuff.Amazon etc(Other sites are available so Im neither advertising or indorsing any one of them)BUT,no,not here.We get bombarded with enough crap advertising,junk of all sorts as it is,HERE,we get a break from at least one pain in the rump,people trying to SELL.The most you get here maybe some soul trying to pitch an Idea that any of us MIGHT buy,or not. ImageBUT,that said,As with everything else,every notion folks pitch here comes with that age old bit of common,"Buyer Beware". Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image