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HELP! Carer assessment

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hello im new to posting but have used this site fore years pleasae can you help i,have asked for a cares assessment last feb 08 still wating how long did you wait ps im a long time carer look after dad 3 year plus and now mom 15 years oct09 thank you


so sorry i really dont know
Hi smartian

Have you chased your social services department up about this? You should not have to wait this long and it looks as though you have got lost somewhere in the system, something which happens to my husband within the NHS with monotonous regularity, I would telephone social services, ask why you have not heard from them yet and ask for an urgent assessment, to have to wait this long is unacceptable.
Three months is too long. I'd contact them and ask what's taking so long - and that you're caring for two people.
It was February 2008 Image unless that was a typing error, Charles, 15 months, that is appalling, even at its worst our LA only had a 10/11 month wait for OT assessments which was disgraceful.
15 months is out of order. Either way, you'll need to contact them again and this time point out that you asked for one (however long ago) and that you are really struggling because they didn't get back to you.

Oh, and good morning, Parsifal!!
Morning, Charles, who is stalking who this morning Image , I actually beat you to it Image Image Image .
I'm just a novice - I was up later than you this morning. 4.30am. That's nearly a lie-in for you!
It may help if you ask for an emergency assessment - it works in Lambeth.

The emergency is that if you don't get the help you need very soon, social services will have to look after you as well as the 2 people you look after.
thanks for all replys waiting for s service to get back they say its normaly none with in 12 months 15 still waiting