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what happends now

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Hi still no news is there a time on this so there need to contact me
still waiting

as you didn't commit fraud, and it was their mistake - I can't see it being taken any further. Since its in a pile with others, it sounds like they have made a mistake with others too. I can't see the DWP apologising for their error or the stress it has caused. Just keep the relevant paperwork to prove you are innocent all together and file it away safe.

well after 18 months i get the call . He was from c/a team said he was ringing about carers allowance before he could start i started telling hm i have got all my information on my claim . He said well done for that. I told him i sent my wage slips off with all the forms he said if thats the case its there fault from the start He did not have the information in front of him . He said you will get a letter about 4 weeks time contact your cab office and let them help you with all the things going on with my wifes illness. it sounds like the letter will be off the Debt management tell cab office to ring the number on the letter and tell them about it I would think all cab offices wont be face to face just phone calls
Goodness David, a long time to be waiting and now four more weeks for the letter. Interesting he gave you advice. Hope it is resolved quickly once CAB get involved.

Got a letter today. sayingi have been paid to much and need to pay it back . i told them everything there said about getting in touch with the cab office let them work on your behalf. At the moment i had to set a plan up for £50 month till i hope cab can sort it for me . if i said i was paying nothing there would take it off my wages . There said i could contact my mp there told me there email address
and number
Oh Steven, that is so wrong. I really hope the CAB can sort it out for you. Please keep us posted.

Local cab office are helping me to do mandatory reconsideration
Good. It's so much easier with someone to support you against officialdom.
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