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what happends now

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Good luck with whatever the outcome is.

Best regards Osh

I’d say don’t worry but I’m just like you in that I worry stupid. When a brown envelope comes through the door as I know they 95% of the time bring bad news. Last December on the 3rd I got my ESA WCA forms to fill in and get doctors and psychologists letters also get to see the people from the local group that helps with filling my forms in. But even though I got them on the 3rd they wanted it back on the 28th of the same month So which ment it had to be all got and posted before Xmas. so I got literally 20 days to get it all sorted and with the build up to Xmas. I did it and sent it special Delivery. I heard nothing till the end of febuary via another brown envelope telling me they had stopped all my benifits as they had not received my completed forms back. I was near the stairs which I dropped on and just sobbed. It was all sorted out within the week but till it was I hardly slept at all...
Thanks all for your help no news on this . But my Dear father has just died so my worrys about this goes away for a time
Very sorry to hear about your dad. Be kind to yourself, the loss of a parent is always difficult.
Hi no news yet phoned them today the lady was nice. i asked if there was any news there said it had gone to a team to make a decision she was going to contacted them. my wife is getting a bit down about this
Hi i got a letter today. it says we have looked again at the facts and evidence we used to make our decision. As a result we have changed the decision. You are not entitled from 09/11/2009 to 5/5/2013 this is because your earnings were over the cares allowance limit for this period it also means we can not give you class 1 nat/insurance credits
You are not entitled from 14/04 /2014 this is because your earnings are over limit
you can appeal this is called mandatory reconsideration so will there get in touch with me again about the overpayment
Hi just let you know what is going on . Nothing no letters or calls the wait is hard and my wife not copeing with it well
Hi its been 13months now and nothing. can any body know what i can do . more bad news last week my wife just found out she has cancer it seems that its getting on top of both of us
Hi comeing up to 15 months and i have heard nothing. I thought by now some thing would have happend
Hi telephone them today . Asked if there is any news. The debt management are looking at it. There said it wont be classed as fraud as you would had a letter to attend under caution by now.There said it has been put to one side with other peoples .There also said if possible to reclaim the money or not .At the moment there have not asked me anything yet. so if there not treating this as fraud and i cant pay it back whats next. Am still saying its there fault but i will wait to see what happends. My solicitor has always said under caution would have happend by now
I think you've been waiting too long. There is a limit to any expectation. It's strange that your lawyer is so passive.
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