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what happends now

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Hi still no news
Hi still no news got my letter on 22nd of feb long time waiting for that postman
Hi Steven,
since it was their mistake - you gave them full information and they made the error - which they must now be aware of, having had to sort out all the paperwork for your subject access request (or whatever it is called): they probably now realise there is no point asking you to repay it. Keep that form showing you declared your earnings etc to hand just in case.

How are your parents?

and how are you?

Thanks for that it helps to to talk to people. Even when you keep asking the same question.my mam and dad are still hanging in there . there seem a bit better it was about 5 weeks ago when there thought my dad would last a few days. Its hard not to see them in the care home no visitors yet thanks for asking
steven_20031 wrote:
Sat Mar 07, 2020 6:39 pm
Hi new to the forum not good doing this but I will try . About 9 years ago my wife had 2 break downs in 6month. world turn upside down with two you girls to look after . The crises team where help ful the said about making a claim for cares allowance and there would help me with the form .I work so I filed it in got word back saying I was entiled to it so that was that. shock get a letter off them to say I should have not got it in the first place. I told no lies on the form did not know about £120 or so you cant go over I was and still working 39 hours no change at all so why did there give it ti me in the first place . Got a letter asking for a few pay slips sent them off am going to my cab office this what will . My wife not in good health trying to keep this from here
All the best with your wife, i will be rooting for her in spirit. Just remain supportive and explore all options.
Thank you joshua for that . no news keep you updated when i get to know
Hi well i got a letter today A lot to fill in . it states that 17 feb 2020 your payments where stopped. Your ni records show you have been working. ( there knew that on my first application) Then there ask me to fill the forms in Date i started / wages still carer for my wife /my job /pay role number i have waited for the forms to come for 5 months and there want all these back by the 27 of this month
Yes they do that, you have to play by their rules, if you can take a photocopy of the forms, or just photo them with a digital camera in case they lose them.

And send Recorded or even Special Delivery guaranteed NEXT day delivery, again they can't say they haven't received you have the receipt from the Post Office.
And check on the Post office site with the delivery number, take a note when turned up who signed for it etc.

Its a load of hassle you don't don't need all this but its them who have made the mistakes and hopefully they will admit it.

It is just so pathetic, i was only delivering leaflets part time but i had to send wage statements in regulary as clockwork.

The 27th, that's barely possible though, that's 4 days including the weekend, can you phone them up ask for an extension?
You should have got 14 days minimum.

Another of my carees, they messed up her benefits, the manager came to my carees house, called his staff a bunch of idiots and gave compensation of £75, she went for a very nice meal with the money.
Any further problems he said he would sort them out personally.
Hi to every one. rang this morning see if there was any news. There said it goes to another department. He says there have all the paper work in just not made any decision yet . i told him i got all the paper work off you and states my wages were well over. 6 wages slips stated that. He said it might have taken off other wage slips i said why ask for the last 6 . i said what would happen when there come to a decision He said a repayment plan or if cant pay that amount there would prob wright it off and fine me but no court action . Why do i not believe it
Hi almost 8 months and still no further on
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