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what happends now

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Hi new to the forum not good doing this but I will try . About 9 years ago my wife had 2 break downs in 6month. world turn upside down with two you girls to look after . The crises team where help ful the said about making a claim for cares allowance and there would help me with the form .I work so I filed it in got word back saying I was entiled to it so that was that. shock get a letter off them to say I should have not got it in the first place. I told no lies on the form did not know about £120 or so you cant go over I was and still working 39 hours no change at all so why did there give it ti me in the first place . Got a letter asking for a few pay slips sent them off am going to my cab office this what will . My wife not in good health trying to keep this from here
Is your wife receiving a disability benefit?
she is
You need to make contact with Citizens Advice. Have you actually had a letter stating. The period in question and how much do they say needs repaying. Have they asked you to attend an interview.

https://www.gov.uk/benefit-overpayments ... -repayment

It's important that you also get independent advice. This will help your with options.

Although very distressing for you. Remember there is always help. It just getting the right advice.
It sounds like they have made a monumental mistake. Send them a please explain letter. Why did they pay you CA? Just really brief, so they may dig a hole for themselves. If they admit they made an error you may not have to repay it, but don't mention that in your first letter!
just a letter saying carers allowance will stop . contact them there said can you send a few wage slips in. that's all . My mind is doing over time thankyou for your help
https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... ions-37290

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... come-30054

There are some allowable expenses. You will need to check what they are.
thanks for your help. How long will I wait to see what happends nex . does any one know what there will do
Try not to worry. Once you have written the first letter I suggested, make a Subject access request for copies of EVERYTHING they have about you on their files. They must send it in 30 days. Look at the Information Commissioners website for details.
why do you think there ask for a few payslips not more
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