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Dont know if im putting this in the right area ,

My Dad had a catheter fitted about June , which i was told would be permanent as he was retaining, changed Hospital & this week they removed it , now the problem is he is lying in wee at night , he seems to have lost control of his waterworks, he was very down yesterday & was worrying about it , i just wondered if anyone has had similar with their caree & might his control return , we have a commode + pee bottle but if he doesnt realise he is doing it. Image Image I cant seem to talk to staff , there only interested on his discharge
I've not had a similar experience June so can't really comment. Is there any possibility that you could perhaps discuss the matter with the district nurses or hubbys GP?
I'd suggest getting an appointment with your local Continence Nurse (ask at the GP's) - as I see it if he has had a catheter for a long time then perhaps his bladder no longer 'recognises' the need/urge to urinate ? I really don't know if the bladder can 're-learn' old habits; it might very well be that he now needs continence pads to cope with the problem.
Ask to see the medical person in charge, and if they refuse, make a formal complaint.
I don't have any answers about whether waterworks can return to how they were, I only know about incontinence pants and there are some good ones around. I don't have the free ones from the NHS, but I purchase them every month on line from Incontinence Choice. Have a look on line to give yourself an idea of what's available.

Inco sheets are a good thing to have, they are absorbent and go beneath your Dad, but on top of the sheet. If there are any accidents, at least you don't have to keep changing the bed sheet all the time. These should be available on the NHS.

Your DN should be able to put you in touch with the Incontinence team, I hope that you can get some help.
The District Nurses deal with incontinence in our area - but you need to get a referral from the hospital or your GP before they will see your dad.
My mum gets free pads from the NHS - she is allowed up to 4 a day which is sometimes not quite enough so I buy her a few of the maxi tenna lady ones to see her through.
Overall the service is very good though, once you are in the system.
Hello Juneo

Hubby has had a catheter for the past six months and the intention is that this will be permanent. However one of our friends had a catheter for a good number of months to allow time for some kind of healing (I don't know exactly what took place but think there was an operation which weakened the muscles and needed time to recuperate). Now he does not have catheter and seems to be ok.

Hubby has had prostate problems for a good number of years and used protection. Communit nurse arranged for supply of pads - we got some free of charge but had to buy the rest and anything else required, eg pants for hold pads in place. Bluebird has mentioned Inco sheets - I bought similar ones and found them to be very useful - they have flaps which tuck in at either side of bed. Anything we needed to buy, I bought from AGE UK.

Has anyone given you reason to think dad's bladder control is likely to improve?
Thanks All ,
Nobody tells us a lot , Dad says they are fitting something on for nightime , which my Lad says sounds like a Conveen , sorry not sure of spelling , hoping for more info about things after this weekend , when there are more staff on .

Once again thanks for all your input , very grateful x