Hi Sajehar,
I know how you feel but I react very differently. Today and yesterday have been bad days in that he speaks like 'sh-t to me. I am not a cryer, it takes a lot for me to cry. I get angry instead in myself. I do everything I can to look after that man and I do not appreciate being spoken to like that. Friends and family are really beginning to notice what the situation is, they don't like him very much as he is also rude to other people.

I can feel my heart turning to ice more and more. Why should I have to live like this anyway? I depend on him financially, that is the main reason I stay. However, if I left him, he would die. I am sure of that, and I cannot have that on my conscience. He depends totally on me to run the house and do every little thing for him, alone I doubt he would even take his medicines on time if at all.

You know, while we owe a duty to other people, we also owe ourselves some quality of life. I have warned him how I feel, he better listen a lot harder or he will regret it.