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What do YOU do to relax? - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

What do YOU do to relax?

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To flipflap - Whilst I mostly agree about consulting your GP before taking vitamins/minerals, if you look at my original post, the only vitamin I recommended was Vitamin B. If you knew more about vitamins you'd know this is WATER soluble (as SuperShea pointed out also). This means it doesn't accumulate, i.e. what isn't consumed is excreted/washed out of the body. Taking a Vitamin B complex (rather than an individual vitamin B) has not been linked to contraindications.
Just to qualify - I didn't recommend taking Vitamin B in large/unusual quantities.
Sorry SandyShea - got your name wrong .... although there IS something super about you!!
LOL Amy, I'll answer to anything, but I rather like SuperShea, I might take that name in my next lifetime haha!

Incidentally, you don't have to take magnesium with calcium. They do work together, but so do all the vitamins and minerals. And obviously it's best to get them all in your food, but the reason I usually recommend magnesium to people is that it's the most expensive mineral to put back into the soil, so as a result most people get little or none, and considering a magnesium deficiency leads to stress - well, just take a look around the world, lol.

And for those who suggest they'd consult their GP about which vitamins and minerals to take - when the pharmaceutical companies find a way to cash in on these, then the GP's will know something about them because they'll actually get training. In the meantime, they do about 2 weeks in nutrition during all their years in medical school. Visit any hospital during meal time and you'll see how much the medical profession know about nutrition - imagine feeding sick people white bread sandwhiches and pastries and expecting them to recover, eeeekkk!
Oh, I forgot ..... for those who DON'T take vitamin B, I'm guessing that you only have wholemeal bread (not white), only have wholemeal pasta (not white), only have wholemeal rice (not white), only use wholemeal flour (not white) only have wholemeal cereals (not cardboard corn flakes or plastic coco pops). You do? Oh good, then no wonder you don't take b vitamins, you don't need them! Image

For those who prefer the colour white ... you might like to try them and see how much better you sleep, how much more relaxed you feel, how your stress levels drop, how your muscles stop cramping!

Of course, I wouldn't recommend taking B6 for anyone on L-dopa drugs (but you'd know that already!), and I doubt I'd suggest B3 to anyone with glaucoma or gout (but your doctor probably told you that already).

B vitamins are ESSENTIAL to life, just as all other vitamins and minerals are. People who grow their own fruits and vegetables, make their own bread, breathe fresh country air every day and exercise regularly probably don't need supplements at all. But I wonder how many of those there are left on this planet, sigh.
Hi SandyShea I- wow .. you sound like a kindred spirit!
I'm into health foods and nature too. Since you mention soil depletion as being common,
then you may know that SELENIUM is the mineral the U.K. government keeps going on about, i.e.
that most of us now may lack. Used to be in our (U.K) wheat, not now. You're in Australia though

So, before Flipflap gets on my case, I'm NOT advocating taking selenium here (it's not related to relaxation)! I fully agree that GP's lack more than basic (inadequate) training on nutrition.
My scepticism/resistance to orthodox medicine goes way back BUT is particularly pertinent in the case of my mother (who I care for). She was taken off of the drug Viox too late - it had bad reports of people getting strokes in the U.S.A. Shortly after this, she got a stroke. I haven't told her this (and her G.P. hasn't denied this; just hung his head in shame) since she has to take so many different medicines. She was a strong woman now reduced to being housebound and progressively weak - to say I'm very angry doesn't quite cut it!!!
Oh but flipflap, don't you know that your creativity emenates from the right hemisphere of your brain, and the only access to that is through a relaxed state of mind? When we're worried or stressed, we're living in our left hemispheres - the logical survival mode, or to a writer, the editor brain. As a writer (and writing teacher) I know that left brain writers rarely get passed the first chapter before they have to edit and re-edit because the left hemisphere is saying "no no no don't move on until you have this page perfect!" I'm sure artists do the same.

Learn to relax Image and your creativity will flow far easier! Image
I was reading this and found it fascinating - and so true, thanx