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What do YOU do to relax?

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I always find it amusing that people rarely concern themselves with the doctor's multiple prescriptions, but when it comes to vitamins and minerals, get edgy about them. The FDA (or its corresponding corporation in other countries) have done their job well, considering they don't make any money from natural supplements.

Flipflop, vitamins b and c are water soluble. This means that they're flushed out of the body in the urine after the body has taken only what it can use. With vitamin b that's usually after about 8 hours, with vitamin c that's about 3 hours.

Nobel prize winning scientist Linus Pauling used to take 3 GRAMS (that's 3,000mgs) of vitamin c per day, and he died at 93. I doubt vitamin c kept him alive until 93, but it certainly didn't kill him!! (And if it did, it took its time, lol) Vitamin C is destroyed by cooking, freezing, storing - and is even destroyed in the body by pollution, smoking and stress. Because it only remains in the body for 3 hours, most people suffer vitamin c deficiency.

Yes, too much vitamin c will cause temporary diarrhea. But that's the body's way of telling you how much you need - and because everyone is different, many naturopaths recommend taking it to "loose stool stage" and then cutting back by 500 mgs.

The vitamins that CAN be toxic are the fat soluble vitamins, A, D and E - but the recommended daily allowance is merely for survival, not for optimum health. In order to get a toxic dose of those vitamins, you'd need to be popping pills throughout most of the day - a slow way to commit suicide, I suggest.

Naturally, getting your vitamins and minerals in foods is by far recommended, but most food these days is processed, devitalised, stored, frozen, cooked to an inch of its death, and what vitamins there were in it on purchase are long gone by the time it reaches our mouths.

Now, if you grow your own vegetables organically and ensure you add all the nutrients the plants need, then I agree - you don't need any supplements at all.
I believe that too much Vitamin C is not good for Insulin dependent diabetics.I can't remember why,may affect insulin absorption.
St John's Wort should not be used by insulin dependent diabetics either, as it can affect insulin absorption.
There are a lot of natural medicines that will change insulin absorption,which presumably means it can affect other meds too. If in doubt, do some research for the particular illness you take medication for.
We are in the habit of looking at medications and their side effects, including interference from other medication,so that my husband and son do not end up with something worse.
We use aromatherapy oils a lot, but do prior research to ensure we do not cause any damage.(when our daughter was pregnant, she could not use several oils as it would be dangerous).
I always use the BNF (British National Formulary) to check the side-effects, contra-indications, interactions, etc. of my husband's medications and, although I am not myself a user of alternative medicines, I would always recommend that they are purchased in a pharmacy rather than a health food shop where the pharmacist can advise on interactions, etc.. I do, incidentally, use a multivitamin with minerals and iron because I miss so many meals, I sometimes think that it is me, not my well-fed husband, who needs the prescription food supplements Image Image .
Lazydaisy, I absolutely agree with your about checking on alternatives if you have a condition, there are many conditions that make certain vitamins and minerals contraindicated.

Parsifal - news flash! I spent a few years writing and conducting a correspondence course on vitamins and minerals for pharmacy assistants, I found most of them knew little or nothing about the nutritional pills they were selling, and many of them confided in me that having done the course they now knew more than the pharmacist - who also knew little or nothing, because, alas, nutirition is not part of medical or pharmacy school training.

Here in Australia (and I have no idea if it's the same elsewhere) most people who run health food shops are either natruopaths themselves, or at the very least need to do a rather extensive course to be allowed to give advice. There are, of course, junior sales people who are not qualified, but they cannot work without a qualified person close at hand.
I would be less enthusiastic about the large chains but small pharmacies which sell alternative medicines usually have a pharmacist with an interest in the subject and, in my experience, are knowledgeable which I suppose is not surprising as they own the business and have a reputation to protect.
I give my boys vitamins specifically designed for children with autism, no fillers, additives, etc, been absolutely brilliant here as youngest particularly had such terrible gut problems he was deficient, and I do agree people seem concerned about vitamins but often times don't bat an eyelid when doctor prescribes strong pharmaceuticals, I am talking of course from a child friendly angle, we are doing very well with supplements and have no need for the Ritalin or antipsychotics originally offered by paed.
As for relaxation that would be the computer.
SandyShea - thanks for your reply. You certainly know your stuff about vitamins and minerals! I didn't mention magnesium because it's best to take it with calcium (they work together, as you know). This is when it can get complicated, e.g. I'm on amlodipine - for high blood pressure (this drug, which I hate taking, blocks the beneficial effects on the heart that calcium supplement would give). Nevertheless I take it (with magnesium) for its other beneficial functions. Nutrition is very intricate ... everything interacting .... but fascinating!
You should always check with your doctor before taking vitamins or minerals in any quantity, imo as they can disagree with some people very badly. Advising people to take vitamins and minerals is NOT wise, especially as you don't know what other drugs they are taking.
You should always check with your doctor before taking vitamins or minerals in any quantity, imo as they can disagree with some people very badly. Advising people to take vitamins and minerals is NOT wise, especially as you don't know what other drugs they are taking.
Hear hear! We have had horrible problems on the International Downs Syndrome group because some parents are actually paid commission to promote "nutrislime2" or some such gunk: despite all the tests showing that it doesnt cure DS or alleviate any of the symptoms. Snake oil, and dont the Americans love it?

I do know of cases where ritalin appears to have been helpful in aiding concentration and helping learning for hyperactive kids, but I would leave that to the qualified medical practioners. Generally speaking, eliminate junk food and opt for a healthy balanced diet - that the most obvious advice for anyone unless there are very specific medical reasons such as food allergies or intolerances to consider.
I make greetings cards. I love to garden when I have time. I used to make candles and would like to do so again but need time as it is not something you can leave at a minutes notice unless you want t o set house on fire.