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What do YOU do to relax? - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

What do YOU do to relax?

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i like to make my own cards
aromatherapy oils are brilliant.
I use them a lot. It is worth going to the library and finding out a bit about why you want to relax and what sort of personality you have.
If you mean you don't relax, presumably that is your mind rather than physically,as obviously as long as you can sleep, your muscles are relaxed. Perhaps there is too much going on in your mind. Have you tried hypnosis?(You do have to be willing to allow yourself to relax, and that means thinking pleasant thoughts).Try Youtube for relaxing sights and sounds,as there are all sorts of relaxation scenes there, some will suit you, some won't. What about gentle classical music?
My muscles are usually tense as well as my mind being wound up. I have tried hypnotherapy, but it didn't relax me much. My daughter does a great Indian head massage and that is about the nearest I get to any form of relaxation. ButI only have that luxury once in a blue moon as she lives well over 100 miles from us.
Flipflap, we're kindred spirits, Bach Flower remedy did nothing for me either! Image
purely going from hearsay, you understand, that number twixt five and seven is supposed to be useful.
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I read read read , i love crime novels , csi stuff , great real life stories but not about child abuse etc , quiet time with my bible often helps as well as logging on line and chatting to friends etc.
Some of the things I do to relax:-

- Clear my head, i.e. just sit down and let my stream of thoughts wash over me.
- Gardening/losing myself in nature
- Watch taped comedy programmes; laughter is the highway road to relaxation!!!
- Music that fits how you feel

If I'm stressed: -

Vitamin B supplement (soothes nerves)
Rhodiola (supports the adrenals)
massaging neck and shoulders
reminding myself of everything that's good (i.e. in the world, or said to me)
To relax (or try to) I usually write poems and stories or read a book, as it's something I can do inside the house as when I go out with friends, I fret.
Amy, you might want to add magnesium to that list, it not only helps absorb the b vitamins, but magnesium deficiency actually creates stress, particularly in the muscles. And magnesium is almost impossible to obtain in foods these days, as its an expensive mineral and many farmers just don't add it back into the soil when growing foods.
I think one has to be a little careful about the supplements you take, some can cause problems especially in high doses like Vit C