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What do YOU do to relax? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

What do YOU do to relax?

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I like to catch up with people online on facebook and although I'm new to this on here too now.

I took up tap dancing about a year ago which I've found even when I'm shattered or feeling down/not well really picks me up. I've learned that even when I dont' feel like it it's good for me, so (usually) make myself go. It's surprisingly good exercise, but great fun!

I also like to cross stitch but have not done much recently. Might do some more soon.

Definitely need to have something that's yours, even if it doesn't mean leaving the house.
I play chess against the computer, and yes, I have won 4 times so far. I also "drive/race" on my play station. Also use my exercise bike, I should use it more really. What a sad life I live!!

Definitely need to have something that's yours, even if it doesn't mean leaving the house.
I think that's the best piece of advice anyone can give, welshgirl!

I listen to music a lot, and read when I can. Needs to be something I can more or less just put down though.

I've a lot of old photos I need to scan and clean up digitally. One of my father-in-law as a youngster had a great huge tear across his stomach and it took several goes at it to "repair". Again, although it's best to be able to have a stab at something like that over a concentrated period, it's still something I can leave for a few minutes if I'm needed.
I have loads of photos to scan in and to put on disk as well but with all the activity here once I started I'd not be able to move away from the job because they'd be scattered everywhere.
Walk, cycle, paint, read, knit ... depending on the weather and my mood.
Huffbag Image Try your local library - not sure about the libraries where you are, but mine have a huge selection of books on tape, many of them 8 or 9 discs running for 10 or 12 hours. I also browse opshops (maybe called charity or thrift shops where you are) and often pick up books on audio tape very cheaply, which I actually prefer because my walkman is easier to listen to in bed, and when I stop the tape to go to sleep, it picks up next night exactly where I stopped! Delighted to hear you're a fellow wii-er - would love to challenge you to a match one day! One thing I really love about it is that I can get my Mum involved too, even at 87 and in a wheelchair she'll have a go at bowls and golf, and sometimes even tennis!

As for my name, my real name is Sandy and my surname begins with C, and I live near the beach! I often get called SandyC in real life. Lol, not that this ISN'T real life, but you know what I mean. Image

charles and no1mum, I know what you mean about photos to scan, that's a job I'll tackle when I get through all my LP's and audio tapes dubbed to CD, sigh. I spent 2 years dubbing my old videos (I have around 1,000, most of which are very difficult to obtain) onto dvd, and I've been working for months trying to get my LP's done. Of course, now that I'm almost there, CD's are practically obsolete as well now, haha - so who can keep up with technology? At least they don't take up as much space.

BS1811, it's only a sad life if we allow it to be, we can also make it a joyous one! Image It sounds like you're already having fun with your play station!

Welshgirl, how about YOU! Tap dancing! Image Wonderful - I did tap dancing as a child and loved it. You'll have to youtube your next performance so we can all enjoy it!
I go for a ride on my hybrid bike. They are great- I have a little battery on the back to help me whizz up hills and and I can go like the clappers on the straight- makes me feel like a kid again. I also enjoy dancing to "The Village People" with my caree- we are baby boomers too!
Sandy - there will be no recording of any performance! We are all a group of adult beginners (though our teacher say we are no longer called that - just 'adult tap' class as we have done so well).

We are all doing it for fun and it's so nice that we are able to laugh at ourselves and with each other. It's been a great stress reliever and I've no intention of giving it up any time soon.

Our teacher did start talking about us doing an exam soon which sent us all into mild panic, but sound quite an informal process, unlike when I was a child and did loads of ballet, and would be quite an achievement so we'll see!
Aw welshgirl, and I was so looking forward to watching your next performance! Image

If you ever get the chance to see a movie called Stepping Out, with Liza Minelli, do so. You will LOVE it. It's an uplifting movie about a mottly group of people who decide to take up tap dancing for various reasons, and the repurcussions of their doing so. I watch it at least once a year and have loved every minute of it each time, as I'm sure you will.

P.S. If you can't rent it from your local video shop, send me a private message. Image
I don't think I have ever completely relaxed in the whole of my life. Even as a child most of the photos show a worried frown. Image However I am a digital artist, poet and writer so I am able to shut myself away for periods of time during the day and get on with being creative.