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what do carers think??

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as a carer to my mum for the past two years (paid by CA) and years before as not paid i feel this change to DLA to PIP is wrong. my mum needs her money of high rate mobility to keep her car going as that is what the mobility is for fuel.mot,service etc. she also get middle rate care which she gives a bit to me for helping and also to cope with her everyday needs. i really do not know how she would cope with out this money as we are worrying everyday about the cuts the governmeant want to do.

they are targeting the sick,disabled and the most needy. i think this is awful as we do not claim benefits for nothing its because we NEED them and the help. her renewal forms are coming up soon to fill in(cant wait as they sooooo long and complex! ) and i am scared of what they will do as my mum uses a wheelchair out of the home and her care needs seem to be growing.
i am worried that they will take the middle rate care and put her down to low rate then i would loose my CA so i would not be able to help with bills like i do now and they take her HRM away and we loose our car because without that my mum would not go anywhere as i have to take her shopping,bills etc.

i just wanted to know how other cares feel over and they are feeling and anyone claiming DLA?
Hi, I completely know why you feel worried.

My wife was on higher for both until last week when her last claim ran out and we got a letter saying that she'd have to see someone from Atos.We've asked for a home appointment so we don't even know when that is. We expect it not to go well, preparing ourselves for appeals. But in the mean time we are without DLA, carers and although it hasn't kicked in yet: reduced Income Support.

I know it is just part of the system and we are trying to keep our heads up but it does suck.
it sure does suck Image . the people who really need the money have it taken away from them but the people who fake their illness do not get this. it is sooooo wrong.