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Stressed out carer with anxiety and menopause. - Carers UK Forum

Stressed out carer with anxiety and menopause.

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I've posted before as a carer to a lovely mum.

Just acutely worried and stressed with all the doom and gloom which is in this country and the world. Feel like smashing the telly and radio up, and never buying another newspaper. Also...voting is not worth the hassle anymore. Also...I've been diagnosed with early menopause. Had to talk to the Samaritans on the telephone two nights ago, cause my anxiety was terrible. Feel guilty because I've not had the energy to do my voluntary work (9 hours) in the last 2 weeks. I'm going to book a last minute break next week, but feel guilty leaving mum. Her sister has said she can stay with her...but I still feel guilty.

I know everyone has their own acute worries at the moment. I'm thinking about you all.
Carol I another one going through the menopause and its causes some horrible symptoms, I have always been a calm person and I am kicking off big time lately especially with my Mum, things that irritated me before are now big deals and really annoying me.

Your not alone xx
Sending you (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))
Hi Carol,

I think all the publicity is definitely fueling all our fears and anxieties at the moment. We all have enough to cope with without added worries. Do not feel guilty about leaving your Mum with her sister looking after her, your Mum will benefit as much from your break as you will - as she will have a less exhausted daughter back to care for her.

Hi Carol,

Another stressed out carer here (not quite menopausal but getting there).

I've made a decision I'm only going to keep up with the news on here. I'm not reading newspapers or watching the news at the moment. Actually helps sometimes.

I agree with everyone else. You need your break. Enjoy it Image

Oh Carol (aahhh...remember that song!), don't get me started on the M word! Menopause! Image Image

My face now looks like it has been screwed up and ironed out....
My tummy looks like it has been blown up ....
My waist...what waist?
Been on a diet for what seems like months and still have a wardrobe of "one-day"!
I'm hot so I open the window....(mossies come in so now I get covered in bites!)..
I'm cold so I cover myself up with a blanket (usually end up covered in dog hair because they have got to it before me)..
I walk along to the kitchen and forget completely why I even got up off the sofa....
I see people outside and can't even remember their name despite living next door to them for years....
I've developed hay-fever at 53 (only just 53!!)...could be a coincidence but I blame the menopause anyway.....
I go to bed....can't sleep so end up listening to dogs and husband that never seem to have a problem and just snore away, but they wouldn't have a problem would they because they are Male!
Oh, and I'm almost a granny.....but that's ok!

Bell x

PS.....did I mention grumpy??? Image
I sympathise with you having anxiety and early menopause. I have just come out the other side, i.e. am finally OVER the blasted menopause. It can really change your character - hormonal upheaval. Of course you must know about HRT (but this has side effects/contraindications). I chose to "ride it" naturally - various herbs (some now you can no longer buy).

If I could recommend just one really helpful supplement it would be to take complete B vitamins (i.e. all of them in one tablet, not just B1 or B2 - they all work together). B vitamins are an established nerve tonic and reasonably priced. They will take the edge of your irritability and help calm you down; they take about one and a half hours to "kick in" and last about 2-3 hours. If you have fungal conditions (e.g. candida, athlete's foot, thrush) then avoid the Brewers yeast version.

For your (understandable) exasperation/anger you probably know about various ways you can cathartically release this, e.g. frantic hoovering, strong cycling/exercising, punching cusions, letting out a good scream (when alone!).

For hot flushes: buy a small, plastic spray bottle (available Superdrug, Boots) and fill it with water. Keep it in your handbag. For summer, I freeze the spray bottle (containing water) minus the top spray part for about 1 - 2 hours before going out. It will transport you to a blissful place, e.g. when you're on a crowded, hot, stuffy bus. Menopause is not forever (just feels like it)!