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What are you worth? Calculate your care - Carers UK Forum

What are you worth? Calculate your care

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Today Carers UK is launching new research that shows carers contribute £119 Billion a year to the UK economy. As part of that we have built a 'care calculator' - you can work out what you are worth - so please have a go - send it to your friends. And post back on here what your figure is!

Calculator is here http://www.carersuk.org


PS _ story here http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/ ... 9bn-a-year
£157,680.00 Image Image Image

I could buy a new flat with that kind of money or half a Rolls Royce Phantom Image Image

Funny how, now I'm retired, I don't see a single penny of what I'm worth Image Image

I knew it would be worth quite a bit but not that much.
£67500, ok, I'm cheaper than you but its still a hell of a lot more than the £2888.6/yr I get on carers allowance. I'm a bargain.
When I was caring for both my son and my mother, I was worth £315,360.00! Wow.
the computer says £ 157-680-96p...i know it aint an exact science , but it is just based on hours worked , or does it include the respite care that we dont receive , and what of things like patient transfer service ... next week i will be taking the old doll down to Leeds on the Tuesday and Thursday ,, in her own car what would the cost be if the N.H.S. had to take her down , over the last few weeks we have had about 15 visits to hospital on all visits she was escorted by me , we have only used the patient transfer service once ...and it was late ...
£144,450 so at £2,500 i'm a bargain Image or something like that!

One of my husband's support workers told me that because of the cuts clients who previously were given 24 hour support are now being left unsupervised from 10 at night until 8 in the morning. Frightening!

So whether the people we care for would actually get the care they need if we didnt care for them is questionable!
This has also been discussed on Twitter today, with many carers doing their calculations too.
Between £53 and £73K a year.
How is the calculation done exactly? mine comes out with with the 156k answer however i do the job of 2-3 carers, if i were to leave any trained home help or carer etc to deal with my step son they would end up with broken fingers, black eyes, broken nose bruises all over and generally feeling like they had done 10 rounds with mike tyson as he is that strong ( and he's only 12! ) i've had my fair share of busted lips, black eyes etc in my time with him but for a few years now i've gotten to the point where i see the kicks, slaps, headbutts etc before he does them so i've not been caught badly for some time but someone who has not had the time with him that i have had ( even his 18 year old sister gets a good clout from time to time) is just in for a battering.
So do i times that 156k by 2 or 3? to find my true worth?