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paying for more hours than the LA says are necessary

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The LA has assessed my friend as needing 21 hours/week of care. I operate direct payments & employ 3 carers - the LA contributes 60% & my friend 40%. My assessment is that my friend needs 35 hours/week. Has anyone had experience of increasing their own contribution to direct payments so that the carers can be paid for hours extra to the LA's assessment? (I'm looking at this in the hope of avoiding asking carers to register as self-employed for the extra hours.)
Before you do anything further, ask the LA for a copy of her Needs Assessment. A DRAFT copy should be sent to your friend who checks it, agrees with it, and then signs it. I'm having a real battle with my son's LA because they did the assessment, and without it being agreed (it doesn't even mention the fact he's brain damaged with a mental age of 3!) They reduced his hours by 30 per cent without agreement and changed the services he was receiving without agreement.
Thanks for replying. Yes, the needs assessment of 21 hours/week has been agreed and signed (by me as I have PoA for my friend). The LA won't increase the assessment & I'm not asking them to - I just want to be able to pay the carers for a further 14 hours/week from the direct payments account - funding this by my friend's paying in a greater contribution - so that the carers can remain secure in their employed status.
I can't see any problem with that at all - just wanted you to be aware of the process, because so many people never see their assessments.
Hiya, no personal experience of that situation. Not wanting to state "the Ble,,ding obvious" ;)
But have you asked the LA this specific question yet? They might be able to help or suggest options. Good luck.
Hi Gilly,
Do you use a payroll service? If so, I'd ask them. In S's case social services have proved to have no understanding on how the whole direct payments system operates, whereas Penderals (our payroll service does.)

Thanks, Melly1. I'd been wondering about asking the payroll folk as the best course of action. The DP Team at social services are, in my experience, an unfortunate mix of arrogance and incompetence: they did an audit at the end of our first 6 months and removed over £900 from my friend's account, saying that there needed to be a balance of only 4 weeks worth of inpayments, and failing to realise that a month's wages were due to go out the very next day! It took me 9 months of argument and correction of their spreadsheets - during which I kept having to request small amounts to stop the account going into the red - before they finally paid most of it back.
I'm tempted to check my proposal with the payroll folk and just go ahead with it, fearing that the DP Team will say no just because they can. If, at the next audit, they can see that it's working at no extra cost to them, perhaps they'll just leave me alone.
Would love to hear from anyone who's done something similar.
Dear Gilly

I receive a small DP from social services, as well as a healthcare-funded package, for my son. My social worker said there was no problem me topping up if I wanted more than they were giving me. I haven't had to do so yet, but I have done so with my son's healthcare package. If you're paying for it, I really don't see why anyone can complain. You're buying additional services not them, so it's not really any of their business.

Many thanks and kind regards.

My Mum had an LA contribution towards her care costs but anything beyond their recommended hours, (or at least the hours they would pay for) she paid for herself. (I looked after the dedicated account required). All I did was 'top up' the account by the amount required from her normal current account for each invoice from the Care companies. Kept all the invoices and bank statements for auditing. No problem.
One thing. When I eventually cottoned on to my right to a Carer's assessment, the agreed hours were increased to allow me some recreation time. They paid for Mum to have a 'sitter' while I was out.
Also when they decided that Mum needed 2 carers at a time for hoisting and personal care they paid for the second carer as it was their recommendation. (Well eventually they did, I had to point out that it was at the SW and OT's insistence that Mum had to have a double team, not her choice).
Thank you so much, Emma & Elaine, for replying. Your experiences give me hope that I can pay, via the payroll service, for more hours than are deemed 'necessary' by (so-called) Adult Social Care.
One thing though: they issue employee contracts (for me to pass on to the carers) which state the number of hours worked and holiday pay entitlement and I wonder what happens there if I increase the hours worked. Maybe, as far as they're concerned, the hours extra to their 'necessary' 21 should, on paper at any rate, be done by someone different...? Oh why does it have to be so complicated??!!