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To attend a safeguarding meeting? - Carers UK Forum

To attend a safeguarding meeting?

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You may remember I initiated a safeguarding case for my mother and apparently fraudulent care company. I have met the safeguarding social worker and described my observations at length. She has invited me to a meeting with the care company at which minutes will be taken. I have already documented my concerns by email. The care company continues to deny my observations and has done nothing to (re)train their staff to complete the care plan properly

I have said I shall attend but I am concerned that the LA may mis-record the issues at hand and I shall have more problems trying to amend minutes to properly document the situation as I see it. I wouldn't mind attending to see how the LA and care company address the issues. Social worker says my attendance is voluntary.

Anyone have experience with safeguarding ? Any thoughts appreciated as always.
I attended an 'adult support and protection' meeting and subsequent review meeting called for my caree.

Both times I felt only way I'd actually have 'a voice' was by attending in person.

I genuinely believe that my caree would not have been identified as a vulnerable person if I had not attended initial meeting. At the review meeting my strong dissent with decision to remove vulnerable person designation would certainly have not been recorded.

So I'd say definitely go if you can.
You can ask for them to see each of you individually at the meeting. They already know your version of events. So they could hear what EVIDENCE the care company can come up with, and then come to you in a different room. Have they offered you AND MUM an advocate? They should have done, if they haven't offered, ask why? I refuse to attend meetings like this without one, then there is someone who can make notes for you, and you can compare views afterwards. I have known meetings with an "official recorder" who wrote notes very far from what was said. I do not trust social services one bit.
Thanks for your advice. As it turns out I had more issues with carers missing two visits, leaving mum from midday to the next morning without carer. Also council manager called to say how the agency was upset and I should look the other way when they visited, give meds myself or I could always go private!!

On the day of the meeting it was cancelled and I've heard nothing since.

Is safeguarding social worker obliged to keep me informed? Does anyone have experience of what happens in prqctise after you've raised a safeguarding alert?
Make a formal complaint to the head Complaints Officer at the LA - find the contact details on the LA website, should be at HQ, NOT local office. I found the local office accidentally forgot (!) to pass on formal complaints to HQ. Trying to hide their incompetence I suspect.
First, complain that the meeting has not been rearranged.
Secondly, complain about the person who told you to ignore what is going on. Disgraceful.