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Looks good on paper, I just find it hard the world press have got it wrong. Not just the press from the UK.

Looking at the accounts most of the money seems to go to one organisation Called "Roundabout"
Can anyone tell me what it is?

It does make me laugh, the thread started about the rich not paying tax with there clever accountants. the same accountants probably did the same accounts for the charity!
Declaring an interest here as I am a paid worker for a charity as well as a carer.

Now I have management responsibility I earn a little under the average wage. My job is to manage a team of advocacy workers (and some casework), provide training for carers and to help local carers to have a voice as a group as well as at an individual level - and anything else that comes up, like media campaigns, etc. More than half of my official working hours are taken up with direct contact with carers, providing a direct service. Does that count as admin costs or as money getting to carers?

You see, the basic idea that "it all goes in admin" is about as true as describing a sales rep as non-productive. Much depends on what the role actually is.
i agree with an earlier statement about the rich create jobs and it sort of has a knock on effect

we r lucky we know the difference between a want and a need, it would be nice to get the wants but we get wot we need.. money doesnt make u happy. the person u care for giving u a smile dont cost a penny, them comming home from hospital, or just a look in their eye they know who u r.. ucan have all the money in the world but all we give is love u cant get that off a shelf. we might scrape by and go with out but wot we have we appretiate.
i had money, the great job, new faith shoes each monthw ith matching handbag at £200 a pop , flash clothes a posh house.. now i have shoes from ebay and oxfam, clothes from bargan sections and charity shops, i cant afford a flash holiday, to learn to drive . i save hard for everything, and everything is second hand but im the happiest ive ever been. we might complain about the lack of money and how the rich get richer , the poor get poorer but to be honest i dont htink any of us would know wot to do with that lifestyle

lets make the most of wot we got, and try to be acceptd as humans who care not for a big fat pay check but out of love, repect and because we r just nice people , and maybe an extra £10 on CA lol
Pixie, I LOVE what you have written.
At Dad's funeral last week, my brother was alone. His wife and teenage children did not come along. He looked absolutely lost.I was devastated missing my son,he should not have been waiting in Heaven for Grandad, but saying goodbye with us. Apart from me missing Rhys, I was surrounded by my family, as my sister was.Even when Dad had been ill, my brother did not know what to say to him, or how best to help him in hospital.(He did try).
On paper, my brother's life looks great. He is a partner in an accountancy company plus has alot of private work himself, plenty of money,foreign holidays if he wants them,two children with no special needs,time to himself, etc etc.
But I would hate to be him. My Ben sat by him at the funeral. I can look at my family and be proud. No money, but lots and lots of love.
excactly jane.. id hate my sisters life ok she has a lovely hubby and they all love each other alot- but they worry about paying mortgage and cars and credit cards.. i have none of that- matt pays the rent and that, i do the lil bits.. he saved for yrs for a huge TV and by the time he chose one they had come down to under half the price, we got a 5 yr old car for a bargan, matt had money form his bike crash and to stop his brother loosinghis house paid the months mortgage and we got the car (7 seater oooooo lol)
his brother has money, big house, own business, but his wife has left him witht he kids and its an awful divorce.. rather be skint that have any of that!
pixienubbins and Lazydaisy

You have both summed it up perfectly, I don't envy the rich one bit
i pity them- they have so much to loose, and all try to keep up with each other with their cars and houses.. i get the bus, live in a council house, and i dont care wot others have, i dont actually think- id like that.. i think bet that costs more than i get a year lol!
If expecting the rich to pay their fair share is the politics of envy then biting into the poor is surely the politics of greed!
We need measures in place to weed out the tax evaders and treat them as the fraudsters they are, we should also see their faces and lifestyles all over the press, then we can start to feel that we all really are in it together.
If expecting the rich to pay their fair share is the politics of envy then biting into the poor is surely the politics of greed!
Well said, Vicky, but whilst I absolutely agree that the things that matter cannot be bought with money everyone, rich or poor, needs a secure roof over their head, nutritious food in their stomach, clothes on their back, to be warm and to be cared for when they need it and it is these basics which are being threatened by cutting incomes and services to the poorest to protect the incomes of the better off. There is nothing equitable or fair about this government's policies, the poor should not have to pay for the excesses of those better off than they are when they did not contribute to the recession, to state, as this this government has stated, that the welfare bill caused the recession is disingenuous in the extreme. Tackle tax avoidance and the loopholes which permit it along with tax evasion and there would be no need to cut benefits and services, tax avoidance and fraud costs considerably more than benefit fraud yet benefit fraud is frequently used to justify benefit cuts.
i worked for a company that used to specialise in tax rebates- for every rule there is a loop hole that makes it legal and a whole business was built on that (but he wasnt paying tax himself, got caught and the compnay went in to administration to be re-opened under a different name with a made up person as director)
We all have a need for the basics- thats why we r lucky we recognise those needs and we address them, if we all had lots of money our wants would over take the need
however tax ivasion is wrong as it is, needs the governent to look at the thousands of loop holes and get them sorted- this would mean a new department of highly paid accountants who would get expenses paid that in its self a catch 22
and there is always a compnay like that i used to work for who will find some how of getting tax rebates normally no less than a few grand..