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What is a Heart Failure nurse? - Carers UK Forum

What is a Heart Failure nurse?

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Hello, I'm very new here so hoping this is the correct place to post?

Two weeks ago, my 87 year old dad came to live with me and my husband because his partner could no longer cope with his disabilities (he has fourth stage heart failure.) It's been a long, drawn out battle to get her to agree she wasn't coping and was actually placing him in danger by refusing carers etc. Anyway, that solved he's now with me. Now, over the years, he has had two heart attacks, two strokes and then 8 years ago, a ruptured aortic aneurysm from which he nearly died twice. Then a couple of years back he was discharged from yet another hospital stay into the care of what he called the 'heart nurse' who sends for him regularly for check ups. Is that what people refer to as the HF (heart failure) nurse? I can't ask him directly because he's very afraid of facing up to his illness, but we (my sisters and me) have an appointment with his new doctor next week to discuss his health in depth so I shall ask him too. Also, he has severe bouts of dyspnea that leave him exhausted. I understand that this is part and parcel of HF but the other day he scared the hell out of me because during one of his episodes, he went completely stiff with his head tilted, his jaw fixed and his eyes were glazed over, then after a few seconds he was ok again. It looked almost like a seizure? Has anyone ever seen this happen? Apologies for the long post and TY for reading.
Hi Gail,

most GP practices these days have one of their practice nurses trained and designated as the "heart" nurse. Basically they keep a regular eye on patients with heart problems. 'Heart Failure' is an ongoing condition and different to a 'Heart Attack'. My Bro-in-law has heart failure and he goes for regular check ups with the designated nurse at his surgery, and she arranges for his regular appointments/check-ups with the cardiac clinic at the hospital. I have had a heart attack and had a quadruple heart bypass 2 years ago, but I don't have to have regular checkups with the nurse.

There is a lot of very useful information on the British Heart Foundation website. This is the link to their explanation of Heart Failure
https://www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/con ... rt-failure

They also produce a number of pocket sized publications (which can be downloaded or ordered online) on various aspects of heart health and heart conditions - I found them all very informative.

As another of our members says "Information is Power" !!!
Thank's for your reply. I've read a lot about his condition but HF nurse was something new to me. You learn something new every day. ;)