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Mental illness

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Do any of you out there care for someone with a mental illness and don't currently have children?

Do you think that mental illness running in your family would affect your decision to have children? Knowing that it may affect them?

I'm curious to know because I spotted an article about a man who had a lot of family with mental illness, and when he was 15 his mother took him out to a miniature golf course and during the game suddenly announced that he should never have children.

If you were in his shoes how would that affect you?

The link to the article is below;
Hi Tinkq

Its an emotive question...........i am severely mentally ill so my Psychiatrist says. I have Manic Depression / Bipolar Disorder. I am the 24/7 carer to my wonderful husband Andy who has Uncontrolled Epilepsy.

I also have two very beautiful well adjusted children who take after their father - a good man but no longer my husband. I would not be without them or having given birth to be told dont have any more?

There is a line drawn between right and wrong - yes and no - black and white yet my mother had post natal depression and was incarcerated when i was born in 1961.
If they had said at that time dont have any children -three would not have been born. There is nothing wrong with my sis and bro. Its just me

Many pieces of research a written to say it it familial or genetic and yet there are many also saying its society that moulds the mind.

Whilst i cant give you an answer one way or the other, perhap ive given you something to think about.
Kindness and Friendship - Mandy