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are there any carers in wrexham.... - Carers UK Forum

are there any carers in wrexham....

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just wondering if there are anycarers in wrexham so we can support each other as well as the support we get on here. gods knows i could do with some. if you are in wrexham please let us know as i am finding it hard to cope. thanks Image
Hi sianie, just out of reach I'm afraid, we're near Llandudno.

Keep posting, someone will turn up I'm sure

take care
do you go onto facebook Sian, you may find people on Carers UK there. x
no i dont go on face book because of all the scares with the password stuff that has been on the news and it never really interested me.
Don't believe everything you read.
WREXHAM CARERS SERVICECategory:Organisations - Non-Profit OrganisationsDescription:Wrexham Carers Service are an information and support service for adult carers living in Wrexham County Borough.

Do you look after someone who relies on you, due to illness, disability, addiction or the effects of old age? If so, you are a carer.

There are approximately 14,000 individuals providing unpaid care to another in Wrexham alone.

[url=mailto:carers@avow.org]carers@avow.org[/url] Office]

FB is fairly safe as long as you are sensible with what personal info you post on there and change your password every now and then. And it is fast becoming the best way of networking with people in your own town or village, local networking is the next big thing because so many people are already members: Facebook is putting power back into local communities and politicians are runing scared.
Sian,I use Facebook a lot. I post here about the loss of my son, and my feelings, but Carers UK and my friends here have no idea of the depths of how deep the pain is. Through Facebook I have met other bereaved mothers,and we can laugh and cry together in a way that only we would know how.Two mothers I am particularly friendly with live in USA and Greece. We just happen to have a lot in common surrounding the death of our sons and our lives afterwards.
I agree with Scally about local communities. I belong to a couple of Facebook groups for local issues,and one in particular is getting the Council and Welsh Assembly listening.
Good luck.
The address that Scally gave you is the address of Wrexham Carers Service.
You don't have to go onto Facebook to find it.
Phone the number.

The Flintshire Carers Service I used to belong to (when we lived in Mold) was pretty good and supportive. Do try the Wrexham one. Go to one session and make some friends and go from there.
i have joined face book but still havent heard anything about carers in wrexham Image
What do you mean 'joined Facebook'?

You need to give em a call, Sian. Or get yourself down there in person. Don't be scared, have a chat to one of the organisers there and get yourself known and recognised. Don't just be a name on the computer.

Wish I could help more.
i joined facebook to see if there were anyone around here and i am with avow but i dont cope well meeting new people and that i think is what is putting me off a bit