1. How do you know when you are stressed? How does it impact you?

I can't sleep, I get IBS and severe heart arythmia [sometimes ending up in hospital to get my heart back into rythmm] grumpy, irritable at the slightest thing.
2. Are there any ways in which your levels of stress impact on your loved one?

Yes, my fuse is shorter
3. Are there particular times of the day that are more stressful for you?
4. What tips do you have to avoid, or how do you prevent becoming too stressed?
I try hard to get half an hour in the afternoon to myself and at night even if i have to stay up while everyone else is sleeping!
5. How do you personally overcome your stress, or what tips can you offer others to manage times of high stress?

Talking, I try to talk to my grown children, just having a cup of tea and a sit down sometimes helps as they make me laugh.
6. What helps to keep you feeling positive?

That the person I care for would do the same for me
7. What helps to keep you motivated on a day to day basis?
I don't know, I'm on automatic pilot most days